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    wanted Mag18 or Mag 24 Please pm me what you got
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    I am sellin new Danner Mag 24 pump which is the biggest of thei lineup of great high performance pumps which can be used for large aquariums or ponds; I purchased as backup for 180 gal tank but sold the tank; asking $200.
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    few things for sale. 50g setup, tank, stand, 10g sump, coralife protein skimmer, heater, rio return pump, plumbing. tank is drilled once on back upper left. great for a qt tank. $100 firm. mag 24 pump. $90SOLD 40 breeder drilled on left side upper corner. $40
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    All items have been cleaned and washed over once with vinegar - Skimmer could use another vinegar bath to look "new" again but over all, clean and ready to use. Precision Marine Bullet 3 - $350 $225 (Huge good for up to 400G) Mag 24 - $100 (Ran Bullet and return) SOLD Korallin Calcium Reactor...
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    ok ladys and gents i have a few items and coral i need to get rid of and hopefully some of you guys an gals will have more need for these items than i do. so ill start listing the equipment. this stuff is nothing special but its gotta go and is priced to do so. i will ship these items for the...
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    got i 5stage rounit in a tank package i bought dont need as i have a 6stage already would get new filters as im not sure of there age 5stage ro $75 o.b.o Brandnew mag 24 (was to big for my tank) $150 o.b.o 100gal rubbermaid stock tank $50 o.b.o
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    mag24 & 100gal stocktank Fragtank is 95Lx24Wx12T drilled with 2 bulkheads rough stand 2x4s $ SOLD to Reefgeek Cube is 18x18x18 made from 8mm glass $ SOLD new mag24 was to large for my system $150 o.b.o 100gal rubbermade $50 will be more added when i clean out the fishroom on tuesday
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    mag 24 pump and misc stuff Hi i have a mag 24 for sale it was bought brand new and used about 2 week's. ended up going a different route now its collecting dust. asking 125cash Or best offer for the pump. edit only $ 100 obo its still like new =-) SOLD THE MAG PUMP HAS SOLD. also have...
1-8 of 8 Results