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    3 NEW in box Megachrome Ultra Life E40 Coral Giesemann metal halide bulbs. 400 watt. I payed 390.00 for them. Asking 200.00 for all three. I also have a new Ushio 400 watt unused still in box 14K metal halide bulb. Asking 50.00 for that.
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    40 breeder, glass top, metal stand, aqua clear HOB filter , heater , power head, cheap LED light-SOLD 20 long , glass top , aqua clear HOB filter, heater $30 New-Eshopps Eclipes M over flow kit, diamond drill bit. Paid $150 new...never installed- Asking $90 New in box Jebao Marine DC Pump...
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    I have accumulated a bunch of metal halide and t-5 stuff from buying set ups I want to get it out of my garage, the metal halide stuff works and the most of the t-5 ballast have been tested There are a couple Hamilton fixtures $150 or trade for a biocube with led(just basic as it will be...
  4. Premium Aquatics
    New Kessil AP9X LED Fixture Redesigned optics provide an even light distribution that blankets your aquarium with up to 48" of coverage. This uniform coverage minimizes hotspots and creates an effect similar to that of a metal halide / T5 combo. https://premiumaquatics.com/search?search=AP9X...
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    I was gathering stuff to set this up but I have decided to put all my effort into my fish room So I have a all glass (name of the tank manufacturer), a reef octopus skimmer, a pro clear aquatic sump,a over built stand just needs to be skinned, has outlets inside , a canopy that needs to be...
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    260 gallon great lakes aquarium 96"x26"x24",powder coated metal stand, 90g great lakes sump has the media basket that sits on rails at the top, drilled for external pump, sump has never had water in it. one of the baffles is cracked but still intact, i sat something in it and cracked it like a...
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    I have a 28 gallon nano cube. comes with 150w metal halide. also have a led light for it. has not been set up in awhile. I also have a stand for it if interested. looking for 250.00 obo.
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    The skillet can be utilized on a wide range of stoves, including acceptance. Highlight: measurement 24 cm, base breadth 20 cm, stature 4.5 cm, base thickness 4 mm, weight 1.97 kg Benefits: Material - Cast Iron High warm conductivity Removable wooden handle Without a handle can be utilized in the...
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    3-400W METAL HALIDE BULBS--20K--$8 EA 3/$20 2-175W METAL HALIDE BULBS-20K--$8EA 2/$15 H.O. BALLAST--$10 90W LED light -$15 hood cooling fan-$5 also have SIEO 1100 powerhead-$10 please contact gary-dont get on here much now that sold out 7347772483 [email protected]
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    Fully established 30G NUVO and lots of stuff for sale Thinking about getting out of hobby after 12-years.... 30 gallon reef tank established for 7 years (Nuvo 30 AIO+black stand) with home built Cree >75W +UV +RGB LED fixture with Arduino controller. Icecap Gyre wave maker. Also includes...
  11. Premium Aquatics
    Premium Aquatics is back at it, half way through the month of January, to open this Saturday 1/18/2020 to the public! We sure have had a busy start already this year in the warehouse, and it surely is no different in the livestock showroom. This week we have gone all out and brought in new...
  12. Premium Aquatics
    Premium Aquatics is back at it again this weekend, here in Edinburgh, our little piece of the ocean!* We have received a couple of really great shipments this week with some stunners for each of YOUR little pieces of the ocean.* The coral frag section was re-stocked in the LPS tank and there are...
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    Selling a 120 gallon Tall RR tank, stand, canopy, proflex 4 sump and Danner Mag 12 return pump. $600 OBO RR Aquarium with dual overflows plumbed with 1" durso Tank's footprint measures 60" x 18" and is 26" deep Stand is 63" x 20" x 33" Canopy is 63" x 20" x 12.5" Hanging hardware used with...
  14. Advanced Topics
    I am newly trying to revitalize my ten year old aquarium. I picked up a GBTA a month and a half ago. It's been very pale and shrinking. Thought it was a gonner. Today I came home and it spilt four times! All in their glory!
  15. New to the Hobby
    I have kept African cichlids for years, but I want to try saltwater and corals. I have an empty 75 gallon drilled in the back, two new aquaclear 110 filters, heaters, a danner mag 9 pond pump, an old compact florescent 48" fixture with two 96 watt bulbs, and some older power heads. What I...
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    I have a few things I'm looking to sell. AquaC EV180 $100 Coralife 36 watt Uv sterilizer with extra bulb $60 Brand new OZONE GENERATOR OZAC-PLUS 100 $100 4" Huma Huma Triggerfish $50 4" Undulated Triggerfish $30 72" 3x250 watt metal Halide fixture $75 Two 55 gallon tanks with tops and...
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    Selling my Giesemann Infinity fixture with 150w metal halide and 4x25 T5's. All bulbs are approximately 9 months old. This is a beast of a fixture. Asking $250 plus shipping. Message me.
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    I have a dual 175 watt metal halide set-up ballast/mogul sockets/reflector /fan/5 used bulbs-$20 2 ---175w 20000k bulbs-new- $20 please contact gary 7347772483
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    have 3--- 400w -20000k metal halide bulbs new---$30 for all3 2 ---175w 20000k bulbs-new- $20 for both contact gary 7347772483
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    Selling my corals, fish and equipment. Going to take a couple years away from the hobby. I have 38 corals, 5 fish and a 55 gallon acrylic with Apex, skimmer, stand/hood Willing to deal for multiple pieces. SBReeflight basic 16" and 150W Metal Halide w/ Phoenix 14k bulb Craigslist posting...
1-20 of 500 Results