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    Have a couple of 3-4" tall mini colonies of neon green sinularia ($20 / $25) and tons of green and orange mushrooms (2 for $5). Text at 31Three-805-067Five for pictures.
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    Lots of coral for sale at the moment. Most have been sitting on my racks for a while. Please text for quickest response time for i don't check my MR that often. I have many more pics so if you want to see something just ask. Ryan 586-872-one 9 two 8 SPS Pink Lemonade - 80 Yellow Tip Hurlock -...
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    Have to start the breakdown of my 150-gallon tank. Royal gramma basslet 25.00 Coral beauty 45.00 Blue hippo tang 75.00 Banggai cardinalfish 35.00 2 clownfish black/white and orange/white 25.00 each 3 large bulb tip anemone 70.00 each large red mushroom coral 60.00 Also have about 120# of live...
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    Just a few corals up for grabs. Please text me to see more pics or if you have questions 586-87two-one928. I do not check my MR account to often. Thanks for looking CB Fire Magic Bounce - 350 BigR's Clown Car Monti - 120 Funky Green & Orange Mushroom - 50 lg chunk Space Invader Pectinia - 120...
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    6 pencil eraser size Jawbreaker babies for sale, nice red coloring on some of them. They are all on a single plug. $250 for all 6. 2 Kryptonite babies -$75 for both. Take all 8 for $300 Really good deal if you want to resell them or start a collection!
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    I have several single and double head frags of Green with Purple head Hammer and Yellow Branching Sinularia . Text me 734-751-8223 Hammer $30 per head Yellow Sinularia 4 to 5 inches by 3 inches $30 Blue/ Purple Mushroom rock 6 heads $50 2 smaller single Mushroom frags $10 each
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    I'm selling all my cured pukani loaded with pink coralline algae and colt coral. 29 gal Tank has been set up for 4 years. Also selling frags of colt . I have 1 Duncan frag 1 blue mushroom coral,1 Birds Nest. Also Selling 2 Ocellaris clowns , 1 Coral Beauty Angel ,2 Pajama Cardinals , 1 Banggai...
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    I have two nice pieces of Neon Green Sinularia coral growing out of sea shells. They are about 3 inches wide and tall. Shows very well. $35 each. Will throw in a green mushroom or two free. https://photos.app.goo.gl/Tq3yXC3fvoNaQnwU7 https://photos.app.goo.gl/owyCSzJyNZDp359r5 Text me at...
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    10 Gallon Setup with Everything Ready to Go. Has about 5-10lbs of rock, Brand New Current Loop Light ($110), filter, brand new heater, glass top and lid, 2 snowflakes, galaxia, GSP, Kenya tree, Xenia, purple mushroom. Tank has been setup for two months running strong. I will separate the light...
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    $130. Large bubbles. Text Seven34 -629-2073 for fastest response.
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    Selling all livestock. Please text with questions. Here is a link to my craigslist post with pictures: https://grandrapids.craigslist.org/for/6845382677.html Thanks, Pete 616-901-6286 Fish Indian Ocean Lyretail Anthias 2-3"- owned for 6 mos, healty and eating great $25 Flame Hawkfish 3"...
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    Updated 3.4.19. If interested call/text me at 81zero-8seven5-0001. Almost gone. SPS Green slimer - big 8" branching $50 (1) Idaho grape monti - $10 (3) Cornbread's Flaming Phoenix monti - (5) contact me SOFTIES Tyree neon toadstool - $30 (1) Finger leather - $10 small (2); $20 lg (1)...
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    I have a few frags left, I can meet at the Lansing swap 1 RBTA $40 SOLD Just added 1 polyp utter chaos $20 Utter chaos 2 polyp $25 SOLD Fruit loops 3-4 polyps $25 SOLD Blonde hair blue eyed b****es 2 polyp $20 (2 frags) Everlasting gobstoppers $5 pp Sunny d $5 pp FEW LEFT Fire and ice...
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    I have 4 rainbow rbta available about 3***8221;- 45 each....1 left Utter chaos 2 polyp frags - 25 each 4 available.......2 left Gb buttkisser 3 polyp frag - 165 SOLD Nirvana - 10 pp Sunny d 5 pp Gobstoppers 5 pp Pink Krak 2 polyp frag - 50 SOLD Hollywood stunner chalice 30 - about 5***8221...
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    Reefers, $1200 - This is hell of a deal for the custom set up and collectors corals. First come first serve basis. Please PM me. I am moving and need to sell my custom set up by GLA, I designed it with them and got it built. It has about 3yrs of use on it. Display dimensions: 36*36*24 inchs...
1-17 of 500 Results