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  1. Want to Buy
    Looking for a 90ish gallon tank with overflow. It will be a new setup so sump, skimmer etc can be included. Whats available?
  2. Selling Forums
    I have a new Apex Gold system I bought almost 2 years ago that I never opened. Was going to use it on a new setup but never got around to it. Asking $500
  3. Selling Forums
    going a different route with the return lines on the new setup. looking to sell my varios 8 pump. brand new, never used, in the original box. $370 local pickup only, can meet in/near romeo or clawson. text only 586 337 0962
  4. Want to Buy
    Or whole rodi setup if it has booster pump Devon (248)935-3551 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Selling Forums
    Apex, Skimz, and more A number of months ago I began acquiring items for a new setup. It doesn't look like I am going to be able to get it going. Below is a list of what I have for sale. 1. Red Sea Reefer 170 Black- brand new $850. Pickup only. Stand assembled. Tank and sump still in...
  6. The Lounge
    Idk if this is the right place to port this but why can't I post replys to for sale posts. I joined this site looking for equipment for a new setup but am unable to reply..:help:
  7. Fish Only & Aggressive Tanks
    Finally back into it after a long absence. New tank is up and running/cycling. Tank is 120" x 30" x 24" with a 180g for a sump. Going to start out as a FOWLR and this is the start of my list: Crosshatch Trigger- male Crosshatch Trigger - female Harlequin Tusk Red Coris Wrasse Dussumieri Tang...
  8. Selling Forums
    Reefbreeder photon 48 with remote programmable to .5hr increments. Love the light but moved into new place with new setup and upgrading to their new V2 light. Light works great will post some pictures after work. Used for about 6 months then been stored while moving into new house. This was...
  9. Selling Forums
    I have the AI Prime (asking $150), nearly new. I have an Odyssea 36" MH/T5 fixture (asking $80). (2) 48-60in Orbit Marine Pro with ramp timer (asking $150 ea/$250 for both) I have (2) Jebao RW8 pumps ($50 ea/$85 for both) Have Rubbermaid stock tank filled with dry live rock (make an offer)...
  10. Want to Buy
    like the title says I need a 30-40 gallon sump for my new setup
  11. Selling Forums
    I am upgrading to a new tank and as much as I love this guy I can't bring him along. I am hoping to have some starfish in the new setup and sadly that just isn't possible with a Harlequin shrimp in the tank. I bought him to eradicate my Asterina population which he did very well. Afterward I...
  12. Lighting, Filtration and Other Equipment
    Its been a while since I have kept up on larger tanks and new advancements in the hobby. I have only been keeping my 60 cube going for the last couple years and haven't had the space to get a larger tank like I have wanted. My fiance and I have just purchased our home and now I am going to be...
  13. Members Tanks
    I ordered a new 50g cad lights rimless cube tank to switch from my 29g tank this tank has a 18 gallon sump ,cad lights skimmer ,refugium light I have an ai prime 50w led fixture ordering a maxspect xf130 gyre power head the plan for the setup is to put down egg crate place all the live rock...
  14. New to the Hobby
    Watcheda thread or two here, just now starting to talk to other SW keepers, as I have limited knowledge, first hand of reefkeeping. Soon to be starting a new tank, my third upgrade size wise in just over a year and a half. My name is John, and I am glad to be a new member here.
  15. Members Tanks
    Well let me start off by saying I've been in this hobby since 2004 a long time now that I think about it. My first ever tank was a 75 gallon with a hang on the back filter that I had moderate success with. It seems like every time we move we decide to upgrade our tanks, so as I moved around I...
  16. Selling Forums
    I ordered this frag tank for the new setup when I move, it's just not gonna work out for the space I have and it's really sad cause it's a beautiful tank! Dimensions are 48" long 36" wide 12" deep . It has beveled edges and black silicone.... Made by Steve at Great Lakes aquariums. Tank has...
  17. Announce Frag Meets & Swaps
    We're in count down.... so, in the true spirit of the swap portion of the event, who is bringing frags for sale or trade? I am looking for ricordia (other than orange or green)... also have lots of orange digi, orange cap for anyone interested...
  18. New to the Hobby
    I would like t add a refugium to an existing sump. The sump I have is from an old wet/dry system with 2 compartments. Rather than spending over $200 for a new setup, I purchased a small aquarium. My design is this (if this is correct): Have the water run from my drilled (thru bottom) tank into...
  19. Lighting, Filtration and Other Equipment
    I have a new Reef/FOWLR setup that has been going for about 3.5 weeks. Right now there are no fish in the tank, just some live rock, live sand, blue hermits, and emrald crab, a couple small coral frags, and some tigger/copeopods... The biocube I have does not have the back overflow filter, it...
  20. Reef Discussion
    Been out of the game for a while & just dusted off my 8 gallon Nano-Tube. Looking for a good LFS near Novi to source some live rock & maybe a little seed sand & cheato. Any recommendations?
1-20 of 43 Results