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  1. Lighting, Filtration and Other Equipment
    I have a new 25 gallon rimless cube tank I am going to set up and would like to do LED's. I really need the energy efficiency of LED's. Any suggestions on which lights are a good deal as well as good lighting. I was in Preus over the weekend and they had a nano light from AI Sol (aqua...
  2. Want to Buy
    I have a 125 gallon 6 foot long tank that after talking to DEREKSREEF I think i want to put leds on. Can anyone point me in some direction on where to find good buys. I don't want break the bank here.
  3. Lighting, Filtration and Other Equipment
    I am considering setting up a 150 gal reef tank. It seems like having a RO/DI unit in the house would be best. I have seen several brands; Captive Purity, Kent marine, Sea Chem and Spectrapure....... Does any one have any recommondations / do's/don'ts/ Pros / cons of any of these ...
  4. Site Feedback and Questions
    Just started happening. Anytime I try to post a new thread or edit an existing one, I get dumped into a photobucket login. Very frustrating. Not sure why. Effectively can't edit any existing posts... Anyone have any ideas on this problem? Thanks. Tom
  5. Vendor Experiences
    About a month ago I saw a new sponsor from Saugatuck. For me being in St. Joseph (southwest MI) most reef stores are about an hour away. So I had time one day after an appointment and visited. I got there shortly before closing. Derek, the owner, is a great guy, very friendly and knowledgeable...
  6. Vendor Experiences
    Well tuesday i went on the web site and could not believe what i was seeing there was nothing but top end corals lot's of sweet LPS corals and you get the chance of winning a sweet piece of high end LPS and get it for a cheap price if you win. Well all i can say is i won a bid and got a big...
  7. Vendor Experiences
    These guys are great. I purchased several different zoa's, a monti, and a chalice all for a very reasonable price (and I am on a tight budget, so you know it was a great price if I got all that). Everything looks great and the zoa's were even opening up while floating under my moonlights...
  8. Group Ordering Forum
    Hello all you Western and Central Michigan Reefers who have been waiting for an opportunity to take advantage of a Group Buy with ReefCleaners.org. I am setting up a Group Buy with delivery directly to the GRMAS Swap Meet, Saturday, April 18th. Everyone can go to the swap, spend their money on...
1-8 of 51 Results