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  1. Michigan Reefers News
    Michigan Reefers would like to welcome weimers75(michelle) to our site moderation staff! Please give her a warm welcome! Congrats Michelle!
  2. Michigan Reefers News
    Hello Members, Michigan Reefers is currently looking for new members to join our staff, if you are dedicated to the hobby, enjoy our community, open minded, easy to work with and ever told yourself "I want to be part of staff" then here is your chance. Please take a moment to fill our our New...
  3. The Lounge
    I'm an accountant, with an office of about 15 people. I am having a miserable time trying to get the "old school" to play nice with the new admin staff I hired about 6 months ago (they already scared away another admin staff that stuck around for about 1 year before saying enough and quiting)...
  4. Vendor Experiences
    So I have been a customer at Pier 701 for a bit over a year now. I am DONE with them. They have a complete lack of knowledge, their water tests come back WAY off, and they literally ACCUSE YOU OF LYING TO THEM!! Here's the latest incident that cost them MY business, and many of my friends. I...
1-4 of 7 Results