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  1. Selling Forums
    hopefully this will help someone starting out I have about 150 lbs of live rock that is very well cured and free of pests that im not using and need to get rid of has been in a 300 gallon tub for over 6 months $1.50lb . I have about 100 nice astrea snails $0.20 each, aqualite 2X150watt hqi...
  2. New to the Hobby
    Hi everyone I have been reading here for a while now and justed wanted to say thanks for all the advice. I recently started a profile so I could openly admit that I too have a reef addiction. Happy Halloween!!!! Be Safe Jerry :big_boss:
  3. FRAG
    Hey there… I am very new to reef tanks. Mine was a gift back in October. It was a 12 gallon tank with two fish some soft corals and some inverts. In just a short time I decided that 12 gal was NOT going to be good enough and recently moved up in size to a 29 gallon. I am seeing all kinds...
  4. New to the Hobby
    1. I have been looking into getting a RO/DI system but before I purchase I would like to know if I could use distilled water instead of RO/DI water for a reef system because my mother has a nice distiller that I can have. One big plus is the distiller wont waste any water. 2. The tank I plan to...
1-4 of 4 Results