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  1. Announce Frag Meets & Swaps
    As the February, 2014 date for the Mid-Michigan Coral Expo and Swap nears, the raffle prizes are starting to arrive! See the raffle items below and their descriptions. We have some very unique and expensive items that will be raffled. Here are links for additional information on the swap and...
  2. Announce Frag Meets & Swaps
    For those of you that are thinking about attending the 2013 Marine Breeder's Workshop and need an incentive... Here are some of the items donated by our generous sponsors for the Workshop raffle (MUST be present to purchase tickets and win): From Reed Mariculture/Reef Nutrition: 1. 2x Reef...
  3. New to the Hobby
    Hello everyone! I am new to this site, and for all intent and purposes new to reef tanks. (I had one 15 years ago that I kept for about a year, but had to give up). I just started a new reef tank a couple of weeks ago, and found that all the "knowledge" I had 15 years ago is very obviously...
1-3 of 3 Results