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  1. Selling Forums
    The frag tank is full! I have a bunch of corals for cheap to make room for next week's shipment. First pic, left row $5 right row $10 lots of eagle eyes, some pallys, chong bongs morph, green bay packers Second pic is the $15 row, blue ridge, gobstoppers, neon trumpet, mint green zoas and...
  2. Trading Forums
    :D Yes monkey went crazy and is giving away corals! Help me thin out my frag tank! I have kenya trees, teal pallys, a few nice pieces of gsp and yellow rock polyps. Want some? Well what are you waiting for? Come and get them! New reefer and need some starter corals? Come and get some. Don't...
  3. Want to Buy
    Help a gal out thats new to the hobby just got my first two nanos(14,24gal)all cycled and ready for some inhabitants, and i thought it cant hurt to ask if anyone has any special deals for a newbie, or free would be great, i am in northern macomb county, thanks in advance !!!
  4. Selling Forums
    Make me an offer, I was told its worth $100 but don't know what it is called. Approximately 8inches by 8 inches
  5. Selling Forums
    Hello everyone! I am selling some softies and btas. I have.... bubble tip nems $15-25 depending on size Purple pallys $3 per head large kenya tree at least 6" tall $15 smaller kenya trees $5 yellow rock polyps .50 each large green pallys .50 per polyp purple finger leather ~1inch cuttings $10...
  6. Hitchhikers and "ID Please"
    when I started up my salt tank back in June, I noticed on one of the pieces of live rock I bought it had some sort of polyp on it wasn't really sure what it was and since my tank has cycled they have grown. I would like to see what it could be. Also since yesterday it looks like diatoms have...
  7. Selling Forums
    Corals Prices Lowered TODAY ONLY Need These gone ASAP call me at 6164327232 Pictures below I have a few frags that I'm looking to either trade or sell, prices are not firm and am I'm very open to trades, especially for sps and lps. 1x Frags of Nuclear Green Pallys 10+ polyp each $10 1x Red...
  8. Zoanthid
    I purchased these about 2 months ago for dirt cheap due to them being browned out at a lfs, and have moved them form place to place in my tank and now it seems they are starting to recolor and grow like crazy. Can anyone tell me what they are? This photo was taken under 2x atinic blue 1x 10000k...
  9. Trading Forums
    Looking to trade some coral for Live Rock. Have some red monti cap, Hollywood stunner, zoas (all different kinds), green pallys and some kenya trees.
  10. Selling Forums
    *UPDATED* Blowpop zoa, hollywood stunner, blue chalice, Green Button pallys FS/T Have frags for sale/trade.Blowpop $10 a frag (2-3 polyps), hollywood stunner $20 frag, Green Button frags $10 frag, I have another pally not sure of the name but $10 a frag. I have bigger Frags with more zoas on...
  11. Trading Forums
    Have about 50 lbs of live rock that I cannot fit in my new tank interested in trading for Lps, Sps, zoas/pallys, yellow Fiji leather. Tell me what you have.
  12. Trading Forums
    My rose bubble anemone split a few months ago and has moved where it would be easy to take out. It's very healthy about 8" tip to tip, and has deep rose color. It would be well over $100 at lfs. I would like to trade for a 4" clam, rock or sand dweller, with nice color. I also have many...
  13. Zoanthid
    I know this was a severe craze, years ago, and from what I have noticed in the hobby the past few years, things have changed. I am wondering- What is your stand/angle on the subject? Is a named polyp a named polyp because it looks like a named polyp? Because you bought it from a long line of...
  14. Trading Forums
    Two tanks for trade got a 50 gallon breeder tank,with no scratches, and a 35 gallon octagon tank with stand and light,no scratches either, im lookin to trade these for live rock live sand, corals, fish, or a metal detecter,lol let me know what ya got,
  15. Selling Forums
    All coral buy one get one 50% off I still have too much coral but you have all helped a ton, so for this weekend I'm going to try to get the rest gone. Then the boss "Wife" might let me have more but she looked really optimistic lol. all frags I have on plugs are $10.00 sps,lps,and softys...
1-15 of 15 Results