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  1. New to the Hobby
    How often should water changes be done ?
  2. Want to Buy
    Looking for a frag of Blue Palmer's Milli and/or Rose Milli LMK what you have, where, and how much! Thanks!
  3. Selling Forums
    Palmer Blue Milli - 1" $30 Red Planet - ORA- 1" $25 Humilis - 1"+ $20 Green Slimer 2" $20 PC Rainbow 1" +, fully encrusted plug $50 3 available ORA Hawkins 1" $10 Original Purple monster 1/2" $40 WT Tierra Del Fuego 1" encrusted $100 Raspberry Limeade 1" $30 2...
  4. Reef Discussion
    Anybody else have the "low tide" problem with doing a water change?
  5. Selling Forums
    Reefers, I have a sps pack for sale. SPS Pack - $200 0.5inch palmers blue milli 0.5inch + ora pearl berry 1.0 inch+ ORA frogskin 0.5 inch undatta montipora 0.5inch+ wayne rainbow acro 1.5 inch Highliter green milli 1 inch+ garf bonsai I dont have pics of the frags. But here are the...
  6. Selling Forums
    i sold off my tank a while ago and i have a couple things left. 48 in nova extreme with two brand new bulbs- 140 54 watt uv staralizer- 30 seaclone skimmer rated for 100 gallons- 50 and i also have a large colony of palmers blue milli that i got off adro_ski two years ago which is currently...
  7. Selling Forums
    Millie Frags $25 Palmers Blue 1" $40 2 Frags - Palmers and Peach Cobler The palmer blue millie frags will be 1" and fresh cut $25. I work out the house so I'm felxiable for pick up times. Updated Combo Price - 1" Palmers and 1" ATL Sunset Millie for $40
  8. Off Topic Lounge
    Wow the Bengals really stunk it up lastnight. Benson was the only guy that showed up. Carson Palmer looked horrible. Getting beat by a rookie QB is inexcusable. Jets will go down in the next round. Cowboys knew how to beat the Eagles so that was no surprise. And seeing the Patriots...
  9. Selling Forums
    5 Palmers Blue Millie on Frag Plug - $30 These have been on the plugs for about 2 weeks and starting to encrust. All are about 1/2" with new buds starting to show. Pickup preferred, but I am heading to Royal Oak area tomorrow 12/5 early afternoon if anyone in the area is interested. Please PM...
  10. Want to Buy
    have anyone seen any local stores selling this?
  11. Selling Forums
    3 frags of palmers 3/4" to 1" - $30 - I need to trim 3 branches that are getting close to my overflow. This is for pickup only. The original was bought at reefready.net. These pictures where just taken and do show more violet than the blue it actually is. Here is the link to where I...
  12. New to the Hobby
    Hello everyone im new im from Garden City I traded my computer for a saltwater tank and the person I traded refereed me to this site. I currently have a 29g tank with 30lb live rock and 20lb of live sand he gave me a bunch of extras a berlin protein skimmer a rena heater with filter I ended up...
  13. Selling Forums
    Located 10 minutes South of Flint - PickUp only. A, B, C, D, E, F - $10 ea - Sold - C - Alwaysfishin G - $5 N - $5 M - $10 X- Palmer Blue Millie - $30 (purchased from ReefReady.net - recently sold frag to Zachos if you want to ask him what his looks like) - Sold - aliveman Z - Green...
  14. Want to Buy
    Looking for a palmer's blue millepore or a yellow millepore. I require a photo of the mother colony. I would pay for a overnight ship from MI, or I could drive or meet halfway if you aren't too far from Mount Pleasant (middle of the mitten). -zach 517-614-4771 Palmer blue mille under reflux...
  15. Off Topic Lounge
    Are they any home brewers in Michigan that I can tal with that are reefers as well? Perhaps on another note any paint ballers? Its been long time for me and it appears that the sport has gotten high tech I have some questions about fully mechanical guns.
  16. SPS Keepers
    Just wondering what color you guys think is the most rare or hard to keep in SPS corals. Give your reason and if u have one show your picture if its one of the corals you own.
  17. Trading Forums
    both are housed together 1 is about 12 in and the other is about 15 in. trade for shroome, zoas,pallys,leathers,most anything for vho's
  18. GRMAS
    GRMAS Meeting 4/3/06 Brian handed out survey form for club members that were present to fill out for club and swap suggestions, also can be noted if someone wanted to nominate for board of directors. Names were optional on this survey. Next months meeting we will be electing board members...
  19. Off Topic Lounge
    I think everyone should post their fantasy players so outsiders can rip on them without mercy. Cold FUSION J. Delhomme (Car - QB) C. Dillon (NE - RB) C. Brown (Ten - RB) R. Moss (Min - WR) M. Harrison (Ind - WR) I. Bruce (StL - WR) M. Bennett (Min - RB) T. Jones (Chi - RB)...
1-19 of 20 Results