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  1. Want to Buy
    Hi everyone, I am looking to buy Palmers Blue Millipora and AquaSD Rainbow Millipora. If you have some please let me know! My phone number is 313-778-1962 texts are preferred. Thank you!
  2. SPS Keepers
    I'm having a hard time keeping the blue color in my hard corals. I got a palmers blue from TBD a little while ago and over the time I've had it it has become a dull lavender-gray color with blue tips and rim where it is encrusting. Anything that can help get the deep blue color back? Water...
  3. Want to Buy
    Looking for some interesting millepora, but not pink (already have). Want to get blue, green, orange, yellow, combinations therein. If you have something please let me know. Preferable if it's close to where I am (Plymouth). Thanks!
  4. Want to Buy
    Wtb acro Palmers blue millipora ...
  5. Want to Buy
    Looking for a frag of Blue Palmer's Milli and/or Rose Milli LMK what you have, where, and how much! Thanks!
  6. Want to Buy
    Looking for a small frag of Palmers Blue Millepora to add to my collection. PM if you have any available at the moment. Thanks!
  7. Selling Forums
    Well, in preparation of our move, I'm selling the colonies and keeping small frags for myself to grow back in the new house and build! THESE ARE FOR THE COLONIES and they are HUGE. Pics not the best. I will be cutting a small piece of each one for myself to keep. All corals kept under ATI T5...
  8. SPS Keepers
    I have noticed a trend among SPS keepers lately who always seem to be chasing the latest and greatest new release. While I love the corals that we are seeing as much as the next SPS guy (what's not to like when you can quite literally get 4 or 5 or more colors on a single piece), I think that...
  9. Selling Forums
    10 High end Sps 500.00 obo Jason Fox Purple Forest , COOLERS CHAMPAGNE , Somewhere Over the Rainbow Millepora, Coolers Turaki, Yellow Tort, Pink Lemonade , LimeAid, Aussie Gold, Jason Fox purple Polyp, ORA Borealis 6 High End Sps 275.00 obo Tyree Pink LemonAid, Tyree Orange Setosa, Pro...
  10. Photography
    had some time today to play with the camera, so I decided to post some shots. enjoy!
  11. Selling Forums
    After some deliberation I have decided to leave the hobby. My interests now are taking to much time away from my fishtank and it is suffering because of it. I will have much more to list but I will start with extra/idle equipment that I have accumulated. Within the next little while I will...
  12. Selling Forums
    Leaving hobby I bought this Deluxe package from PA in 11/08 and it is still in very good condition. It is lightly used and has been sitting idle for over a year. Picture and description...... PA-GEO612HD Premium Aquatics - PA-GEO612HD Aquarium Supplies SOLD Mine has this reactor media in...
  13. Selling Forums
    ora pearlberry frags $15 2 SOLD Orange setosa $15 Blue millie (maybe palmers not sure) $15 3 SOLD Purple bonsai $15 Purple valida $15 2 SOLD bright pink tabling acro (red planet family) $15 4 SOLD Purple Haze monti $15 Purple digi $15 Orange digi $10 green birdnest $10 1 SOLD red...
  14. Want to Buy
    Looking for a frag Thanks
  15. Selling Forums
    Have some top notch sps frags now availible! All frags are at least 1'' with multiple branches forming, encrusted on frag disk. 3- ora red planet $25 ea - palmers blue milli $25 ea SOLD 1- waynes rainbow acro $40 ea - forest fire digi $20 Sold 2- Purple digi $ 20 1- Purple bonsi (...
  16. Selling Forums
    Reefers, I have a sps pack for sale. SPS Pack - $200 0.5inch palmers blue milli 0.5inch + ora pearl berry 1.0 inch+ ORA frogskin 0.5 inch undatta montipora 0.5inch+ wayne rainbow acro 1.5 inch Highliter green milli 1 inch+ garf bonsai I dont have pics of the frags. But here are the...
  17. Want to Buy
    I'm going to try and get back into sps. I did not have much luck a couple Years ago, but think my tank is pretty stable and am going to try and Keep a couple. Well I'm wondering if anyone would be willing to frag A larger frag of the famous Palmers Blue Milli. I know I just missed the Swap...
  18. SPS Keepers
    Well im getting back into the hobby and looking to stock up the tank with some sps. if you could have any 5 sps which would you pick? if i get alot of fellow reefers to chime in it will give me a good idea which sps seem to stand out. as of right now im only looking to add 10-15 frags and...
1-19 of 43 Results