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    ALL SOLD. Thank you Michigan reefers family. I still have the black AI Prime HD (and 12 inch flex arm if interested) and will be posting it on the other forums as well. Please reach out if interested in LED. Thanks
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    I just sold all of my livestock and now its time to part with my dry goods. 40 gallon breeder $70 -Semi-coast to coast glass overflow -bean style -black painted back 29 gallon sump $40 -3 chambers -Bubble trap -apx 20 gallons of water Tank stand $100...
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    Hey guys, finishing up this breakdown with the remaining equipment and misc items i have. Will be posting here and there to add things along the list. First will be the big equipment i have. 1 Taotronic led. Bought this from ebay during the summer of this year. Works great, got outstanding...
1-3 of 3 Results