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  1. Reef Discussion
    I recently switched over tanks and I used all the same sand and rock. I kept good care of my rocks and few corals I had while making the change. All the parameters were about the same. So here's what I think happened. When I switched I had to use 100%new water. I got some free corals from a...
  2. Advanced Topics
    Does anyone do this? Another MR member brought this to my attention yesterday and I am very interested. I have a little bit of GHA that is easily removed when I do my twice monthly water changes but if I could prevent it from coming back that would be great. I have read a lot of positives...
  3. Reef Discussion
    I have a rock with zoas of some kind hair algae is covering out the zoas would the peroxide kill the zoas Sent from my SM-T530NU using Tapatalk
  4. Advanced Topics
    I wish I hadn't bought them but a guy on CL from Troy had an ad saying he was moving the next day so he had to get rid of his corals immediately. I went out there and he had 25 Zoa frags with about 25 polyps on each frag. He had just lowered the water to clean so they were out of the water and...
  5. Advanced Topics
    Has anyone ever heard of using peroxide to kill green hair algae. So far I've tried a few rocks and it's working. Someone from another forum recommended it.
  6. Reef Discussion
    Hey all. Purchased a rather amazing piece of wall style E. Divisa (Frogspawn coral) last week and since then it's become infected with brown jelly - possibly due to transport though I was quite careful. Purchased the coral on Saturday 4/11 and the first notice of brown jelly was Monday 4/13 -...
  7. Want to Buy
    Looking for close to 100 lbs of live rock all my rock is covered in green hair algea again I think its time to hard cycle the tank and start over text me what you have and a price 586 563 8087
  8. Advanced Topics
    Found these critters on my Montis. I used a medicine dropper to suck them off of the coral. Has anyone had luck getting rid of them? I read a yellow coris wrasse likes to eat them. What have you done?
  9. Lighting, Filtration and Other Equipment
    I have a 30 gallon container I keep mixed salt water in (reef crystals) that continually gets a brown film on the sides and "scum" on the surface. I have a power head running keeping it relatively turbid but I still get this problem. Any way to keep my water and container clean other than...
  10. New to the Hobby
    Ok so I just got a bunch of liverock from craigslist and its covered in green hair. I bought due to the coral thats also on it.. so what do I need to put in my tank to eat all this stuff? Thanks
  11. Softies & LPS
    Brain just started looking like this today. Could it be fighting with its neighbor?
  12. Reef Discussion
    I am buy some zoas off somebody. They just had a tank crash of flat worm exit that killed hundreds of sps colonies. (montis,chalices) but they said it didnt effect any of his zoas or mushrooms. Do you think i would still be safe on buy these frags off him and if so what should i do before i put...
  13. Reef Discussion
    I'm in process up setting up a 60 cube from my 90. I have some live rock with cyano and a little but of hair algae on it, including good coral, any way of killing the algae before going in the new tank without damaging the coral? Cyano is easy just wipe it off but any ideas? Is the rock infested...
  14. Zoanthid
    I am looking for some ideas on why my zoos are doing badly. I have 4 or 5 different types and they had been doing well over the summer. In September, I noticed they began losing color and fading. I talked to the guy at the pet store and he indicated my light bulbs needing replacing. I was...
  15. Reef Discussion
    Does anyone have those battery operated air stones I can.borrow? What can I buy or.do for the night? No fish.stores open... I'm in the Warren.area.
  16. Reef Discussion
    So a few weeks ago I started getting an increase of algae on the sand bed and rocks. I just thought it was a diatom bloom, but it got worse and started getting bubbles in it. They are definitely dinos. I've read that lights out help, and also raising the ph. I've never dealt with these...
  17. Reef Discussion
    So I am facing a cyno issue(not the first time) and I am gonna use the same product I had success with before, which is chemi clean. I have tryed several other things in the past, reactors serious water changes, serious meaning every other day to which i had no success doing that. Stuff drives...
  18. New to the Hobby
    Just got some dry rock the other day and I want to clean it up to help keep the rock from leeching unwanted stuff into the tank. I've read that both acid and bleach bathes help clean the rock does any have any tips or tricks for cleaning the dry rock. I really want to remove the green algae from...
  19. Advanced Topics
    Has anyone ever tried hydrogen peroxide dosing? Specifically for dino, but dosing just in general I'm curious about. I have yet to find any people with proven negative effects, other than some people who have used hydrogen peroxide without diluting it first. Just to keep this thread from...
1-20 of 21 Results