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    Reef Octopus 1000 biopellet reactor $125, I have an extra pump For $60. bashsea media reactor $25 (SOLD) bulk reef media reactor $20 (SOLD) 72" pfo brand metal halide fixture with 3 mogul base and 2 vho bulbs, has the original harness, hanging kit, glass, 2 -400 watt and 1 -250 watt ballasts...
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    ASM Skimmer and 100 gal sump for sale I have 2 other sale threads active as well. pm or email [email protected] if interested in anything. ASM G2X skimmer. The sedra3500 pump won't turn. I don't want to mess with it. $40 100 gallon-ish 48Lx18Wx26T sump with built in refugium. only 1...
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    I have a dual 400 watt PFO ballast wired to two sunlight supply reflectors. bulbs are included but are very old. asking $50. Call pat at 248 840-2135
  4. Want to Buy
    My 250w x 2 metal halide ballast just took a dump and I need a new one. Does anyone have one they don't use any more and are looking to sell? I tried to find one online and didn't have much luck! Please help!
  5. Want to Buy
    Looking for either a dual pfo or bluewave 7 hqi ballast setup, no electronic please. single ballasts also welcome but i need two with wires and plugs. thanks
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    I have the following lighting for sale> 24in pc fixture with moonlights 25$ OBO 3x175w PFO MH Ballast with two reflectors and three mongul sockets 100$ OBO I would recommend new bulbs in each fixture. You will be welcome to the bulbs in the fixture. Would be interested in trades maybe...
  7. Lighting, Filtration and Other Equipment
    Anyone else see this? Big trouble brewing for the future of aquarium LEDs
  8. Trading Forums
    I'm looking to trade my MP40 Wave maker for your MH lighting system. At this point I'm looking for a duel 250watt or duel 400 watt system. I'm looking to set up a raceway so any other related items would also be considered. The MP40 has been sitting for a year and has about 6 months use on it...
  9. Lighting, Filtration and Other Equipment
    I got this light with the tank and I am trying to get some info on it. Wonder if anybody here has seen it before or know anything about it. It has a controller that allows me to customize the intensity of either blue or white at any time. The controller: 2014-01-21172356_zps7c925afd.jpg Photo...
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    I have a few things I need to get rid of from my big tank break down. pfo m80 ballast. $75
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    Offers welcome. 2 - Lumenarc III mini reflectors. SE setup WITHOUT mogul base. Reflectors with glass only. $50 each 2 - AquaMedic 250w MH pendant and ballasts. Lights used about 6 months. $75 each Icecap 660 ballast. Lightly used. Ballast ONLY. $50 off brand 2 x 400w MH HQI ballast with...
  12. Want to Buy
    I am waiting for some LEDs and in the meantime I need to have more light on my display. Looking for a 250W halide (bulb or no bulb, I don't care) fixture with ballast. Preferably mogul base as I'm got mogul bulbs waiting. Condition does not matter, as long as it works... it's hidden behind a...
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    -Hamilton Reef Star Pendent - Sand blasted and Re-powder coated (like new) -PFO HQI 250 Watt Ballast - Best Ballast for 20K Radium Bulbs -XM 15K 250 Watt Bulb with 2 Months use -Used bulbs (Radium, Hamilton 14K, Ushio 10K) can be used to see what color you like best. $75 or Trade For nice...
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    8 bulb sunlight supply t5 retro with bulbs bulbs are 4 coralife white and 4 ati blues newer bulbs 175$ Coralife uv sterlizer with 2 bulbs one is brand new 75$ Wet dry filter for aquariums up to 120 gallons 75$ Vho pfo 440 watt ballast was over driving 4 t5s on 100$ Brand new 14 gAllon bio cube...
1-14 of 30 Results