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  1. Want to Buy
    Looking to buy 5-8 clowns. Prefer designers such as black phantom, black snowflake, midnight lighting, black ice, etc. Closer to Garden City the better. PM or text 734-725-98fiveO. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Selling Forums
    Breeding Extreme Phantom Harem - approx 5 years old and spawn regularly. Female is huge 4+ inches. 6 clowns total in the harem or can be split if interested in just a pair. Harem $1,100 $900 Main breeding Pair $750 $650 Smaller breeding pair $650 $500 adult 5-year-old non-breeding pair $300...
  3. Selling Forums
    Have a pair of adult phantom clowns about 2 years old. Asking $175 obo best way to get a hold of me is by phone (586) 843-9334.
  4. Trading Forums
    I am looking to trade my phantom clownfish pair for a Picasso pair! 2483784940
  5. Selling Forums
    I am selling a breeding size all black phantom pair. 3'' and 2'' 1/2. Serious inquiries only! New price $200 pair Note that lfs sell these juvinelles at 1'' 1/4 - 1''1/2 for $100 each I have videos to send if serious Only trade is large Picasso pair 248-378-4940
  6. Trading Forums
    Hello, To start it off I use to have 110 gallon tank, I use to post on the forums and what not... I was in a house fire in 2013 and I lost my tank. I was burned 50% of my body had 3rd degree burns :( I am looking to trade my Phantom 3 Drone for a saltwater setup. I am looking for a 75 to...
  7. Want to Buy
    Like what the title says. Let me know :) 248-378-4940 ---------- Post added 09-21-2015 at 05:27 PM ---------- Does anyone know someone who has one they would sell
  8. Selling Forums
    Time to exit the hobby for a little while. Downsizing did not work out. I need good homes for the following live stock: Purple Tang - Medium - $150.00 Mystery Wrasse - Large - $100.00 (SOLD) (1) Phantom Clown Fish - Medium - $100.00 (SOLD) Yellow Wrasse - Medium - $25.00 Green Wrasse -...
  9. Selling Forums
    I have some of my designer Clowns ready to go and am willing to meet in your area with enough interest to justify the trip. All Clowns are 5-6 months old and perfectly healthy and ready for new homes. I will post WYSIWYG videos upon request. Phantom / Frostbite Phanotms $250-$300 Pair...
  10. Want to Buy
    I am currently looking for a proven breeding clownfish pair. If you have a pair of clownfish that are currently laying eggs, please contact me, thank you.
  11. Selling Forums
    Phantom and Extreme Snowflake Clownfish These are just starting to darken up but I can guarantee they will be 100% jet black in a few more weeks. I will be in the Detroit area this Friday evening 11/07 if you are interested. Message me for WYSIWYG of pair of your choice. Phantom Clownfish...
  12. Want to Buy
    I am looking for some nice designer clownfish not sure what exactly but I'm looking for 2. I do like the black phantom or black ice but I would be interested in others let me know what you have and how much. I would prefer if you lived somewhat close to me around detroit metro Easiest way to...
  13. Trading Forums
    Hello All, here is a pair of my Extreme Phantoms..I have not seen a pair with a patterns so unique! These are mature adults, not yet spawned but they're cleaning the pot from time to time. The female is clearly 3"+ and the male at 2". I'm not looking to sell them, but would consider a trade for...
  14. Want to Buy
    I'm looking for a pair of picasso, snowcasso, snowflakes, black ice snowflakes, or davinci. Will also consider onyx or true percs. If anyone have a pair for sale, lmk!
  15. Lighting, Filtration and Other Equipment
    I'm having trouble setting to contrôlée on my new lights I got the time set right And I set it on the custom mode With the factory settings But my lights, way too early and go off way too early any help thanks joe
1-17 of 25 Results