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    Sold! Free softies Sorry all gone. Free huge softy leathers, I want them out to give more room for my sps corals which are also growing fast, the softies up to a foot long, several, both in my 220 gal and my wife's 150 gal. email me for photos [email protected]
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    I have two 3" tall Neon Green Sinularia corals for sale. $25 each. One has GSP at the base and other has a green ricordea attached to it's base. Will text the photos on request.
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    I'm exiting the hobby and have many of my pieces of equipment available for sale. All are in good condition, showing signs of use that would be expected from years of use. The aquarium is solid and has had zero leaks or issues. I prefer to sell it all as a package. What I have is the...
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    Planning to trim this one back this week end. Let me know if you are interested in a frag or two. https://photos.app.goo.gl/uNTdeLTMUizVqQxF8
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    https://photos.app.goo.gl/ZjPGcabw1WwaF7WWA The Natural Wave pump timer creates alternating water currents in your aquarium when connected to pumps or power heads. These alternating water currents reduce dead spots and keep waste in suspension allowing it to be more easily captured by...
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    I am selling my clownfish, I believe they called them Black Ice, you might know better from the photos. I am breaking down my tank and they are the last to go. They are a mating pair and have been laying eggs on a regular basis. I am willing to take $125 for the pair. send a note to...
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    Price Reduced....Parting out complete system. 135 gallon rimless tank with steel stand 48x30x21 4 foot wide drill with overflows and 80 gallon and 40 gallon sumps fit in bottom of stand $450 https://photos.app.goo.gl/TbJLzE3v95QrGvZ37 48x18x24=85 gallons $30 48x13x16=40 gallons $20 4x24x24=10...
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    Selling beautiful 60 gal cube (24” x 24” x24”) with white tall stand cabinet with gloss white epoxy paint and rimless glass sump, bean animal overflow that I have not finish installing plumbing yet. It is a thick 12mm glass tank . Does not include light or skimmer. Selling for $400 ; if...
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    3/31/19 - FINAL BUMP - ANYTHING LEFT BY THE END OF APRIL IS GOING TO MY FAVORITE LOCAL FISH STORE AND WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR 5x WHAT I WOULD TAKE. Shutting down my 270 Gallon reef system. I have chalices, acros, montis, favia, brains, zoas, leathers, you name it. IF SOMEONE WANTS TO BUY ALL OF...
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    SPS & Chalice Frags.... The pjr list of available frags, updated July 7th --- and with emphasis on the Purple Rain acro! And all frags are good sized. No puny frag-swap vendor pieces here unless you want something that small. Acropora Pulchra: a type of...
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    Frags made per order. Tell me what you would like, we agree on price, you come over and we cut the frag - the way you want it. Tell me what you'd like and make an offer - if you are reasonable, we will make a deal https://photos.app.goo.gl/F2NCBPjoLV5LEHZ4A
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    50 Rimless Aquarium 36x18x18 synergy shadow overflow with stand. Great deal on a beautiful tank. Any questions feel free to ask. This will also come with all the plumbing. $175
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    Orange rainbow nems, $60-80, have 10 of them, rock flower nems, $40 each, radion xr30w gen 2 excellent shape $240, tunze 9002 skimmer $40, couple 50gpd ro di unit $40 each. Possible trades for high end zoas, mauls, shrooms..here are some photos: Serious inq text 313-437-790six
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    Hello, I am moving soon and have a few aquariums and pieces of equipment I am selling. Innovative Marine 20 Gallon Nuvo $120 Includes: 1 Custom Caddy, MiniMaxx Reactor, original pump, phosban and carbon for reactor, tank cover, 2 Hydor Koralia Nano Pumps [Lights not included in price] Photos...
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    I am moving out of the state soon and I am selling my 20 gallon and 30 gallon Innovative Marine tanks. I am starting with my livestock but if anyone is interested in purchasing a whole system, let me know. I***8217;d like to sell at least $20 worth of stuff per person to make it worth meeting up...
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    Metal Halide lights ballast and reflectors. 3 Hamilton Lighting systems comprised of: Hamilton M80 ballasts: Assembled 250 watt M80 ballast in a black aluminum enclosure Powerful, High Performance, Reliable with Long Rated Life Use with any 250 watt Metal Halide Double-Ended HQI...
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    SOLD 210 gal Reef ready Aqueon glass tank with megaflow overflows, https://www.aqueon.com/products/aquariums/reef-ready-aquariums plus sturdy stand. It is empty and centrally located in Ann Arbor in a building with a dock and lift so getting it on your truck will be a breeze. $700 or BO please...
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    Up for sale is a used Kamoer dosing pump. I bought it brand new about 1 1/2 years ago. Everything works as it should. Instructions and original box all included. As you can see from the photos I take care of my equipment. $150 shipped. Thanks..
21-39 of 500 Results