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    Hey Everyone, My culture provides more than I need for my system, leaving me with a few extra bottles every week. Starter cultures are grown in the Poseidon Reef culture system with UV sterilized RODI water mixed with Salinity brand salt. 16oz bottles of Nannochloropsis Oculata $5 each. I...
  2. Selling Forums
    Reduced the prices on the last few items to sell. If interested in multiple things I will cut you a deal. Quantity Brand Product Price 1 Jebao DC 9000 For Parts Turns on just wont spin $ 30 1 Jebao DC 9000 Return pump $ 70 2 Fishmate F14 14 Day Automatic...
  3. Selling Forums
    Ill be heading to Grand Rapids the next two weekends and can deliver these items. Some things i have marked down by 50%! Quantity Brand Product Price 1 55 Gallon Barrel with Float $ 5 1 Jebao DC 9000 For Parts Turns on just wont spin $ 20 1 Jebao DC...
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    I reduced prices by 50% on all items for a quick sale to be picked up at the flint swap. Quantity Brand Product Price 1 Jebao DC 9000 For Parts Turns on just wont spin $ 20 1 Jebao DC 9000 Return pump like new $ 60 2 Fishmate F14 14 Day Automatic Fish...
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    Quantity Brand Product Price 1 Jebao DC 9000 For Parts Turns on just wont spin $ 30 1 Milwaukee MC 122 PH Controller and calibration fluid $ 70 Rubble rock $ 14 2 Fishmate F14 feeder $ 20 each 1 Phytoplankton syphon $ 20 4 AI Power puc New $ 10 each 1 Rena Inline heater 100W $ 21 1 Reef Octopus...
  6. Selling Forums
    Hello, I culture my own phytoplankton, Tisbe and Tigger pods to feed my tank. Every bottle is highly dense, with lots of visible pods. Please allow the water to warm to room temperature. Hold the bottle up to a light to see the pods swimming around. 16oz bottles of Nannochloropsis Oculata -...
  7. Selling Forums
    SOLD Complete 120 Set Up - Cheap! Lots of extras SOLD-thanks I'd like to move this all as one package. $350 for everything listed plus whatever else I have lying around. I am out of the hobby and have been for a while now. It includes just about everything you need to get a nice large...
  8. Announce Frag Meets & Swaps
    As alot of people know we hold our Events 2x a year --once in the spring/summer and once in the fall/winter.. WE ARE CONFIRMED :) time to start getting geared up :) EVERYONE'S welcome .. We Ladies and Infinity Corals are sponsoring the Party... ..Party will be from 12:00 pm (noon) until 4:00...
  9. Selling Forums
    2 species blend (Tet and Nano). $10 gets you 16.9oz of the stuff. Great for coral and filter feeders, growing copepods, and outcompeting pest algae. And if you don't need to use it all at once, you can store it in the refrigerator and shake it about once a week to keep it good. It'll last about...
  10. Trading Forums
    iPad Mini 4 in almost brand new condition. Only used around 10 hours. Just never really needed it. Looking to trade for Achilles tang. Or a regal angel that's healthy. Also have live phytoplankton I can sweeten the deal with if necessary! Text me at 248-303-7028
  11. Marine Plants & Macroalgae
    Wish me luck ill keep yall posted with results. Hopefully just a begining to breeding all this type of stuff Sent from my SM-T230NU using Tapatalk
  12. Want to Buy
    I'm looking to start up a copepod culture for additional feeding of my seahorses. Anybody local that has a culture they can split? Also need a Phytoplankton culture to feed the copepods.
  13. Advanced Topics
    I know this may sound wierd but awhille ago I was questioned as to: Whether plankton travel vertically through the water on a daily basis. I believed they did and was chastized about it here :p:p , even though if you have ever been to the Dry Tortuguas (off key west) and swam at night when you...
  14. Want to Buy
    Need some phyto and rots let me know if you have some, local near utica MI 48315
1-14 of 500 Results