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picasso clownfish
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    SOLD Designer Clownfish SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD I'm also open to trades for corals (zoas, scoly and lps) let me know what you got thanks you
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    I am (regretfully) selling off all of the livestock in my tank, which has been overcome by algae and cyanobacteria due to my negligence. So for now, I'm getting out of the hobby. My favorite fish in the world - my pair of ORA Picassos (acquired from Preuss Pets) is for sale. I'm only selling...
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    Reefers, 1. My picasso clownfish pair laid a clutch again. Usually I let it go to the tank as food but I wanted to check if anyone would be interested in raising the clutch. Price for the pot - $200 Today 3/17 is day 2. These are the parents 2. Pylie Wrasse - $100 - 2.5 inch - WYSIWYG ...
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    Sold Selling a nice pair of clownfish. $125 Bought the larger Snow/Picasso from Welcome to Doni's Reef! Home of the Snowcasso®! back in April of 2009. The smaller teardrop clownfish was aquired back in 2010 and came from a picasso brood. Thanks for looking.
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    Hello, I've been really busy this summer but I thought I would post up my newest batch of clowns available. Grade B picassos have stripes that connect on one side or very unique markings above a regular clownfish. $80 each or $150 a pair Grade A picassos have stripes that connect on both...
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    looking for reef safe fish, must be free of ick and parasites, heathy and eating well... lmk what u have thanks!!
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    Hello, I currently have some platinum clownfish ready to go. They are $280 a pair. Here is a video of two that are WYSIWYG available in 1080p. Although, I also have a few others available.
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    Hello, I have raised my first batch of clownfish to a size that is ready for sale. They are about 3 months old and .75-1" long. Their third stripe will continue to fill in as they age. I have used the new Top-Dressed Otohime food which is regarded as the best pellets for captive breed fish on...
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    First DEAL is this Awesome looking Chalice aka Atomic Splash about 5 x 3...its a beauty! Yours $75.00 CM Kal-EL Kryptonian Chalice about 4" x 3" $75.00 AUSTRALIAN WAR CORAL FAVITES Yours $75 huge! Figi Acro (the one in the middle..big one!) $60 the mini colony (neon green) to the right $30...
1-10 of 11 Results