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    I have a pair of clowns, one is a picasso the other is an ocellaris hosting a lg rose bubble tip nem. $70.(sold) also have a used XR15 pro radion for sale one is a gen 3 with the mounting arm. $180. and the other I purchased new, gen 4 with the mounting arm. $350. (sold) Reeflink Wifi...
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    Thinning Brookstock! Helping a fellow breeder who is relocating. All Pairs are over 4 yrs old and have spawned. Each pair $300 plus shipping $50 regardless how many pairs you purchase. 1 Picasso Pair 2 MochaVinci Pairs 1 Snowflakes Pair 1 Snowflake x Picasso 1 Lightning x Wyoming White 1...
  3. Reef Discussion
    So I had purchased 2 Picasso clowns for my new tank. They both died with about 24 hours and I narrowed it down to improper acclimation time. Figured it was about an hour but if I’m being honest with myself it was more like 1/2 an hour bc I was anxious and excited. bad choice on my part. I went...
  4. Reef Discussion
    So I set up a new tank, I had been letting the tank cycle for almost a month now occasionally adding API QuickStart. Yesterday I picked up 2 Picasso Clowns (yeah 2 new fish rather than one, feel like an idiot). They weren’t doing the best yesterday but one had started to perk up a little and was...
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    Blackstorm clownfish Blackstorm clownfish pair Approximately 1.25 each $400 cash or trade Only looking for following High end: torch, scoly, mushrooms or euphyllia Message only if serious I will listen to offers Sold, sold, sold, sold
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    i have a Clarity acrylic tank with lots of coralline algae across it. It is 48 wide, 30 tall and 18 inches from the front to the blue back, with internal overflow. it is well filled with coralline covered live rock. has 2 sol blue lights, heater, misbar gold flake maroon clown, pistol shrimp, 4...
  7. Anemones & Clownfish
    I used to breed and sell a lot of Picasso and platinum clownfish on this site. I got out a while ago but the itch is still there to start another tank. I'm wondering if anybody remembers buying their Picasso clowns from me? I'd love to see a picture!!
  8. Fish Only & Aggressive Tanks
    I purchased an established 75g tank about 5 months ago that includes a Picasso Trigger. He is beautiful, lively but is getting increasingly aggressive. I also have a large Tomato Clown and a freckled Hawkfish. I had purchased a Kole Tang, but he got beat up pretty badly by the trigger and...
  9. Premium Aquatics
    Click below for video of our livestock: Premium Aquatics reloaded our fish and invert systems this week with the theme of Angels and Gold!* We have some beautiful yellow fish in this week that will be sure to stand out in your reefs, along with some great dwarf angels!* If you missed out...
  10. Premium Aquatics
    Eating a whole bunch of Trick r' Treat candy didn't stop Premium Aquatics from stocking up early this November!* Check out some of these beauties below.* We have everything from the inexpensive damsels and chromis, to the unique dragon wrasse and in between.* Don't let this rain and start of the...
  11. Premium Aquatics
    Premium Aquatics has brought in a gorgeous shipment of aqua-cultured fish in this week from Sustainable Aquatics!* A few highlights include a trio of bright colored dottybacks (Neon, Orchid and Indigo), a stunning Comet Marine Beta, Aqua-cultured Molly Miller blennies, Canary blennies, and of...
  12. Want to Buy
    Hey guys 235 Crashed last week, Lost 7" Unicorn Tang, 5" Yellow Tang, 5" Scopas Tang, 2 Clowns Talked daughter through water change and she saved some! Anyone want to help me get back in going? Need fish. LMK Please
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    Huma Picasso triggerfish 3" & Clown triggerfish 7" FREE Both fish eat like pigs. Eat frozen raw squid, shrimp, mussel, scallop, enriched frozen brine. Nice fish just decided to get rid of tanks. Text for pictures or call 810-813-324two Ryan.
  14. Reef Discussion
    Has anyone had any luck with mixing two different types of clowns like a lighting maroon and a black ice or any other types just wondering any info would help thanks
  15. Want to Buy
    Looking to buy a set of snowflake or picasso clowns. Call or text. 989-397-5727 brandon Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
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    my pump went out on my 125 gallon so im just going to end up tearing it down starting with the livestock. yellow eye kole tang $40 christmas wrasse $40 obo on everything i can text/email pics
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    I am keeping one tank only and I am selling all my other saltwater stuff which is listed below! -Purple corraline live rock about 50lbs plus - price depends on how much you want -3 inch Doni snowcasso x 1'1/2 inch Blackhawk Picasso (Booyahs reef) -$250 video attached! Make offer too don't...
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    I have a gyre 150 brand new I put it in my 100 gallon and tested it for 20 min to check it out got it for my 300 gallon but now want the bigger one pretty awesome pump paid 300 at local store will take 180 still In box also have a brand new robo snail only open the box to check it out it has...
  19. Trading Forums
    I am looking to trade my phantom clownfish pair for a Picasso pair! 2483784940
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    I am selling a breeding size all black phantom pair. 3'' and 2'' 1/2. Serious inquiries only! New price $200 pair Note that lfs sell these juvinelles at 1'' 1/4 - 1''1/2 for $100 each I have videos to send if serious Only trade is large Picasso pair 248-378-4940