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  1. Want to Buy
    Looking for Male Melanarus Wrasse and a Tiger Pistol Shrimp. If you have either, please text me 8ten-280-73one8. Photos for attention
  2. Want to Buy
    I would like to add a harlequin serpent or similar species to my new reef. Must have a maximum size of under 6 inches as its going in a nano. Also looking for a pistol shrimp and goby pair. I prefer the smallest species of each possible? I transferred to a larger system so I will be undergoing...
  3. Trading Forums
    **GONE*** Free fish to a good home Hi all, I have had my current tank (90 gallon) for about 3 years now, but travel, new family members and hectic work schedule are not allowing me to spend as much time on the hobby as it needs. Therefore I am going to start shutting down the tank and need to...
  4. Selling Forums
    i have a Clarity acrylic tank with lots of coralline algae across it. It is 48 wide, 30 tall and 18 inches from the front to the blue back, with internal overflow. it is well filled with coralline covered live rock. has 2 sol blue lights, heater, misbar gold flake maroon clown, pistol shrimp, 4...
  5. Selling Forums
    I will be moving cross country this summer and, unfortunately, cannot bring the tank. I will be selling the livestock fist and once that is sold the tank and equipment will be up for sale. 1 yellow eye kole tang-45$ 1 pair of black snowflake clowns- 75$ 1 Hippocampus Erectus seahorse- 80$ 1...
  6. Selling Forums
    Have a small mocha clown fish 1.5" long partner jump out. $10 Large banded pistol shrimp very good at Excavating sand. $10 Text me for pictures Ryan 810-813-3242 ---------- Post added 08-21-2017 at 05:57 PM ---------- Trade for frag of something.
  7. Reef Discussion
    My first post, so theres that I guess. Ive noticed over the past week,two if not three of my hermits have been removed from their shells (shells not broken) and murdered for food, I'm assuming. They have new shells to move into, I dip all my corals and made sure all live rock was free of...
  8. Reef Discussion
    Tonight I saw the tail end of a giant bristle worm (yuck!! but also I'm not tearing everything down to get him out). Separately - or maybe not - from that I can't seem to keep Peppermint shrimp for anything. And I don't mean like I see them for a couple months and then they vanish. I mean...
1-8 of 130 Results