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  1. Reef Discussion
    Anyone know where I can get pods asap? Store or local growers. I live in Troy. Moby Dicks is out till Thursday.
  2. Want to Buy
    As the title says looking for pods and clean chaeto. Trying to stay local to the canton area unless someone ships. I dont do the facebook so if anyone has any leads please text me at 7348377473.
  3. Selling Forums
    Looking to thin out my sump - clean and full of pods. $10 for zip lock bag full. text is preferred. 734-658-7924 ---------- Post added 01-21-2020 at 09:35 PM ---------- also have lots of zoas. motivated to move
  4. Selling Forums
    Is anyone interested in phytoplankton, copepods, or rotifers at the Lansing Swap? I can do a 16 oz bottle or two of copepods (a blend of Tisbe, Apocyclops, Tigriopus, and Parvocalanus). $15 per bottle Rotifers are Brachionus manjavicus and only 1 16oz bottle available. $10 Phytoplankton would...
  5. Selling Forums
    Looking to thin out tons of caulerpa in my fuge or for tangs. Filled with tons of pods...$10 for a generous zip lock bag full. Please text 734-658-7924 open to trades too..
  6. Selling Forums
    Female black leopard for sale. 3ish inches, perfect health. Eats frozen, but not flakes yet. Needs a system with a ton of pods as it actively hunts for its food and cannot survive on manual feeds alone. QT'd 2 months. Added me wrasses in the wrong order. I just want to get what I paid. $30...
  7. Selling Forums
    Im selling a freezer bag of caulerpa prolifera. this is not a species which "goes sexual" that is Caulerpa racemosa. it will be coming form auxiliary tank on my system which has no fish in it and therefore the tank is loaded with pods, mostly tisbe. this algae works great for refugiums and i...
  8. Selling Forums
    Hello, I culture my own phytoplankton, Tisbe and Tigger pods to feed my tank. Every bottle is highly dense, with lots of visible pods. Please allow the water to warm to room temperature. Hold the bottle up to a light to see the pods swimming around. 16oz bottles of Nannochloropsis Oculata -...
  9. Want to Buy
    I'm hoping to find a reasonably local reefer who has some extra chaeto to spare to help seed my refugium. I'm hoping to also get some pods, bristleworms, mini brittle stars, etc. I will be happy to pay a reasonable cost and appreciate anyone who can help.
  10. Reef Discussion
    I recently took a trip to the San Diego/Carlsbad, CA area to visit family and had the opportunity to explore local marine life. The eastern Pacific along the California coast is pretty cold (50-60F if memory serves) so I was curious as to what kind of critters I'd find. I managed to convince my...
  11. Reef Fish
    Wow. No posts in 30 days. Hopefully someone looks at this forum... Anyway, just wondering what the consensus or even non-consensus is on the lifespan of Watchman Gobies? I have had mine... not that long... 3 or so years? Maybe longer. I honestly have no idea at this point, but at least 3...
  12. Want to Buy
    Looking to buy a small chunk of Chaeto to start my refugium. I live in Grand Haven but work in GR so either is fine. I'm also in the process of starting my tank. Looking for LPS, Zoas, and Montis if anyone has any for sale.
  13. Want to Buy
    Looking for 5-15 pounds of live rock to increase diversity in my tank. Ideally pieces with a lot of life like worms, sponges, pods...
  14. Reef Discussion
    This may be a post for the wanted section, but does anyone have a line on Chaeto in a larger quantity than the baseball sized wad the LFS sells for $10? I have a fuge I would like to find a gallon ziplock bag sized mass for, as I need it to support pods, and it doubles for a home for my conch...
  15. Selling Forums
    Time to trim my cheato. $5 for a quart sized bag. Discount on multiple bags. Usually filled with pods since it sits in my sump. In the Royal Oak area and not willing to ship at this time since it's very cold out.
1-16 of 500 Results