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  1. Selling Forums
    I have a few things for sale. Large rock anemone-$15 Chalice -$20 Nirvana paly-$10 pp BEBB zoa - 2 polyp frag $20 WWC Twizlers- 3 polyp frag $20 Sunny D paly - 4 polyp frag $25 Gobstoppers zoa- 10+ polyp frag $50 Purple people eater -4 polyp frag $20 Rasta - one polyp frag $5 For a fast...
  2. Selling Forums
    Good size red cap monti - $10 5 polyp armor of gods - $20 3 polyp purple monsters - $15 10-12 polyp rastas - $30 single polyp utter chaos - $10 green stripped shrooms and green hairy shroom - $5 per turquoise shrooms - $10 per caulerpa seaweed - $5 a handful
  3. Selling Forums
    Large Hammer Coral colony (Green with purple tips), approximately 50 heads $160 OBO, open to trades GSP Rock, SOLD! More pictures and dimensions available upon request. Thanks for looking
  4. Selling Forums
    50+ Polyp Rasta Rock ($80.00) or Trade. Can meet at Lansing Swap or near Rochester
  5. Selling Forums
    I have a few frags left, I can meet at the Lansing swap 1 RBTA $40 SOLD Just added 1 polyp utter chaos $20 Utter chaos 2 polyp $25 SOLD Fruit loops 3-4 polyps $25 SOLD Blonde hair blue eyed b****es 2 polyp $20 (2 frags) Everlasting gobstoppers $5 pp Sunny d $5 pp FEW LEFT Fire and ice...
  6. Selling Forums
    Will only bring to swap if reserved. PM me to reserve please. 1-30 polyp frag of Sunny D's for $40 (SOLD) 1-15 polyp frag of Sunny D's for $20(SOLD) 1-6 polyp frag of Sunny D's for $12(SOLD) 1-wysiwyg frag of green slimer $15 (SOLD) 1-wysiwyg frag of setosa $15
  7. Want to Buy
    I am looking for somebody who lives in the Genesee County area who will sell me some things for a 20 long reef and sump that I am setting up. Yes, I am aware that there are various pet supplies stores near me, however I am looking for fair priced goods and livestock I am also aware that there...
  8. Selling Forums
    I have 4 rainbow rbta available about 3***8221;- 45 each....1 left Utter chaos 2 polyp frags - 25 each 4 available.......2 left Gb buttkisser 3 polyp frag - 165 SOLD Nirvana - 10 pp Sunny d 5 pp Gobstoppers 5 pp Pink Krak 2 polyp frag - 50 SOLD Hollywood stunner chalice 30 - about 5***8221...
  9. Selling Forums
    Can bring any of these with me to the plymouth swap or pick up in flat rock 48134. Pm is best. 5-8 polyp captain americas -$10 ea Red war coral 1"- $10 Miami hurricane 2"- $15 Raptors peace favia 1" - $10 (being funky, price reflects it) 5 gallon bucket of rock rubble from BRS - $20 5.5g pico...
  10. Selling Forums
    Candy Cane, Birdsnest, King Midas, Mushrooms, Frogspawn I'm trying to thin out the tank a little bit and have a number of large colonies I can frag. Candy Cane, Birdsnest, King Midas, and lots Mushrooms. Candy Cane - $5-10/head depending on size Birdsnest - $10 to start, and will increase for...
  11. Selling Forums
    I am selling my high end zoa collection, with another baby coming in next few weeks I could use the money. The number after name is polyp count a lot might have more now, then price after for entire zoa on disk. I priced them super cheap to move them. If you get multiple you get a better deal...
21-32 of 500 Results