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  1. Reef Discussion
    I have a new Powder Blue that is currently in my QT in hypo. He's doing quite well and eating like crazy. I've been feeding him Rod's dried algae and Formula 2 pellets and I was thinking of growing some macro algae in my refugium to supplement his diet. Can anyone give me some helpful tips on...
  2. Selling Forums
    Both are sold thanks! I have a small/med powder blue tang $45 and a small yellow tang $25 that liveaquaria shipped to me on accident. They are still in their bags and just arrived at 10am. Both are very healthy looking Must pick up today (Friday) Call Brian 586-625-2757
  3. Fish Disease Treatment
    Hello all, We just had an ich outbreak sadly. Our two cleaners are doing a good job with our Foxface, Long nose butterfly, and striped squirrel but the powder blue seems to avoid the cleaners. When I wake up he looks better, but when I get home he's worse. Is he only allowing the cleaners to...
  4. Fish Disease Treatment
    I noticed some white dots on my hippo tang and was wondering if it is ich.if so how do I treat it? Do those cleaner shrimps clean it? please let me know Thanks Sent from my SPH-L710 using Tapatalk
  5. Want to Buy
    I finally have my reef and dosing schedule down and now I want to add some choice pieces to the display.. I want some colorful crazy looking acros, millis, or whatever type of sticks will look sweet as they grow out... I will take a mix of frags-mini colonies. looking to add 7-10 pieces.. I have...
  6. Reef Discussion
    I have been unhappy with my aquascape and have been doing some research on different tanks and rock structures and wanted to free up sandbed space. I have a 150g tall and wanted to get some height in my rockwork without piling rock up the back wall so i decided to go with the multi pillar look...
  7. Trading Forums
    I have a full size Sailfin Tang that needs larger tank. He is about 6" long and healthy. Hes just too much for my 150. I would sell him for $75 but will take a trade for another smaller sized tang.. Already have a purple and powder blue and cant have another zebrasoma species.. lmk what u got...
  8. Selling Forums
    I have a gorgeous show size Sailfin tang that I dont want to get rid of but isn't getting along with my Purple and one has to go.. He is all of 7" and fat n healthy.. Eats like a pig. asking $80.. Will also trade for large powder blue, hippo, kole, or naso/blonde naso. Or trade for cash and...
  9. Trading Forums
    I am not going to be able to keep my show sailfin... him and the purple tang I have wont be happy in the longrun and I can only keep one. The sailfin is really already too big for my 4' tank and would like to see him go in a larger tank 6' or bigger.. He is at least 7" and fat and healthy...
  10. Anemones & Clownfish
    :dance3: I've tried BTA's in my office to host a clown, no luck. Then, less than 24 hours after I buy this anemone, my clowns at home host it. Guy at the LFS called this (pictured) anemone all sorts of different names. Can anyone tell by the picture what anemone it actually is? Sorry about pic...
  11. Selling Forums
    Medium/large Powder Blue Tang for sale $65.00. Pick up only. He eats pellets, Nori and Frozen Brine. I am looking to add new tangs and he is too aggressive with new additions. Text me if interested and I will send pictures. I have had him for about two years. 586-321-6520. Thanks for looking.
  12. Off Topic Lounge
    I haven't posted much on this forum but i saw a really good deal on craigslist yesterday for fish and it made me think of deals other people have gotten so please share the best deal you have gotten on something for your tank. The deal i saw was 4 fish for $20 each (8" koran, 6" powder blue, 5"...
  13. Want to Buy
    looking for large metallic foxface, purple tang, powder blue tang, orange shoulder tang, or any large colorful fish thanks
  14. Reef Fish
    Which do u guys think is better and experience with bolth will help I am debating which one I should get rn
  15. Want to Buy
    Looking to buy a achilles/gold rim hybrid or powder blue/gold rim hybrid.
  16. Selling Forums
    I may be buying a complete set up for a 90 gallon. I really want the stand and canopy but he will not seperate so what to see if I would be able to sell the other parts that I don't need/want right now. I would be selling the following: 1. Coralife UV sterilizer - $60 2. Live Rock - fills a 90...
41-57 of 129 Results