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  1. Trading Forums
    i have a newer 400 watt halide id like to trade for 2 smaller ones. I have a 4 ft tank and it makes the center brace leave a shadow. I am going to hang it and use it but i thought id check and see if someone needs bigger.
  2. Lighting, Filtration and Other Equipment
    I am going to go to a predominately sps tank (90 gallon) and currently I am using 2 Koralia evo pumps each of which pump 750 gph. Should I be increasing circulation and use programmable pumps, i.e. Tunze or Koralia? I have read several threads and it just leaves more confused.
  3. New to the Hobby
    im geting ready to start a new nano cube and wanted to know if some one could give me a check list on what i need. Its a 12 gallon and i plan to put a Refugium
  4. Selling Forums
    As the title says, Koralia Nano pump/powerhead. $10. Call or text Dan at 810.618.2801.
  5. Selling Forums
    For sale K4 powerhead works great $25
  6. Reef Discussion
    Thought I'd start sum thing......we have a deep 55 gallon tank. I have 2 clowns that we got with a anemone...and some damsels...then there's 2 shrimp...and a chocolate stripe tang.....we got 2 hugh anemones. So the clowns alternate between all 3 anemones there's a bunch of leathers,frags,a...
  7. Lighting, Filtration and Other Equipment
    Excuse the bubbles in the video, everytime I stick my hand in the tank to move something I get a microbubble explosion. What do you think of the amount of flow on my 2 corals? too much/little? you will prbably have to watch the video sideways :-) sorry. Biocube flow - YouTube
  8. Trading Forums
    WTT my k4 for a return pump around 500-700gph let me know thanks
  9. Softies & LPS
    Bought a nice leather the first week it opened real good. But now it dosnt open anymore. It is sitting on the bottom of my 55 gallon tank. In sand. My tank is a deep tank. Have the aquatic life t5 with 4 bulbs and also I bought 2-24 inch led reefbrites.
  10. New to the Hobby
    hi i just joined this club today....i have a 55 gallon saltwater tank...my problem is controlling algae weeks ago we had red slime algae then i took all the rock out to flush the slime off then it held off for about a week or 2 then came back so we got chemiclean and it came off and we...
  11. Members Tanks
    Just back into it after having to get rid of my 180 setup just got working on my new 45 tank.
  12. Selling Forums
    I'm getting out of the hobby. Here is a list of equipment that is for sale. There will be a seperate post for the live stock. • ATB Elegance 200 Pro - Protein Skimmer - Only 2 months old - $600 • Tunzie powerhead 6025 (3) - $30 each - Pending Polo • Vertex Media Reactor - $50 • Par 38...
  13. Selling Forums
    i have a tunze nano stream and korillia 2 for 15.00 a piece or for a frag
  14. SPS Keepers
    Some of my sps is bleaching and i cant understand why, my calcium is at 460 was low but its at 460 now, mag and alk are on speck aswell and sps jus started bleaching? I dont get why im having a tough time with sps? I just added another powerhead. Could be that i had my halids one different...
  15. Trading Forums
    48" Coralife PC Light for trade Hello, I have a 48" Coralife 4x65w Power Compact with 4 moonlight aqualight. Light fixture works but all bulbs need to be replaced. I am fairly new and am open to any trades. Thanks Sold
  16. Anemones & Clownfish
    RBTA in the process of splitting. It was in the same spot for over 4 months and now has moved and wedged itself overnight. I will send an update when it is complete hopefully after work. Before: In Process:
  17. Selling Forums
    Blue Hippo $30 - Available for 2 Days Only I have a very healthy blue hippo that's about 3" long. I only want $30 for it. First come first serve. I can send photos to cell phones. Call me, do not email or message me here. I am available at 248-515-0415.
  18. New to the Hobby
    Well I decided to post a topic about what I think I want in my setup...when I do get one. I figured I would run everything past the experts to see if I'm doing things right. First off I'm almost dead set on getting the Red Sea Max 130D complete kit. The reason is that it comes with almost...
  19. Selling Forums
    55 Gallon Break Down - Coral, Rock, Equipment - Lowered Prices! I am breaking down a 55g which is full of livestock and about 100lbs of live rock. Everything is available as I am done with the hobby for now. This tank has amazing branch rock. Call me directly at 248-515-0415 to set something up...
481-500 of 500 Results