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  1. Selling Forums
    Updated as of 1.2.2020 Following items for sale prices listed below O.B.O Purple tang 3-4 inches. Good and healthy. Just looking to make a change. 100$ 8-10 inch toadstool leather. 40$ Can send pics upon request. Thanks
  2. Selling Forums
    I am moving, and unfortunately can't take the tank with me. This was a great setup. 60g cube tank and stand-115 Kessil A360WE-175 CPR HOB Refugium-75 Sicce Syncra return pump 4.0- 75 Tunze skimmer 9004- 75 Fluval heater-25 Aquenon Proflex sump-75 Hydor power head- 25 OR...
  3. Selling Forums
    Aqueon proflex sump 2 and AquaC ev120 skimmer with pump Used for about a year, in great shape I will keep the coral life t5 light with it. 125.00 obo Skimmer works like a champ, comes with a rio 2100 pump. 100.00 obo
  4. Selling Forums
    Time to start selling off my set up. Aqueon Proflex Sump Model 2 w/ coralife T5 light=100.00 AquaC Ev-120 skimmer w/ RIO-2100 pump=100.00 BRS: GFO/CARBON reactor=30.00 SOLD! Eheim 300watt heater (up to 264 gallons)=20.00 Danner 9.5 pondmaster return pump w/ like new impeller=40.00...
  5. Selling Forums
    Just upgrade and going to sell my tank and equipment 65 gallon flatback hex with stand-325.00 9.5mag pump-40.00 Aqua c 180 skimmer w/ pump- 100.00 Aqueon proflex sump-125.00 Eheim jager 300w heater- 15.00 Coral life sump t5 light-20.00 Any questions contact number is 810-931-0858
  6. Selling Forums
    92 Gal. Corner Bow front, stand, sump, pump, heater, lights 92 Gallon Corner Bow Front with Black Pine Stand & Glass Versa Top- $600 Aqueon Proflex Sump Model 4 (36.9" x 14.8" x 19") $200 2 Kessil LED 10,000K lights - $300 Mag Drive Return Pump Model 9.5 (950gph) $70 Hagen Fluval E 300 Watt...
  7. Members Tanks
    from sir pat thanks three offspring so far. Seaserpent keeps knocking it around. these last few sps came from mcpuff thanks guy! Really nice pices really kickstarted tank to look like something during the ugly times. Ive since done alot of cleaning. Deff shoulda wiped glass b4 pics but im not...
  8. Members Tanks
    We all put a great amount of time, energy, and money into our hobby and I think it would be great to have a thread of all members full tank shots. We all buy, trade, and sell with each other but don't always get to see where those frags, fish and equipment end up! Doesn't matter if your tank is...
  9. Members Tanks
    Hi! Happy to be back after taking a 2 year break from saltwater. We went from a 90 gallon cube, 150 beast of a tank , 100 gallon rimless (Thank you Sunny) to a 40 gallon Solana to just settle down with a 60 gallon rimless shallow reef tank. We picked up the tank today.....super excited...
  10. Selling Forums
    I have a proflex model 2 sump / refugium I am no longer using. Less than a year old. only ran for 6 months before i switched to a new tank. This will no longer fit in my cubes stand. Great sump. makes for a quiet system. Looking to get 100$ Also open to trade for - Fish - coral -...
  11. Selling Forums
    1. SOLD 125g. tank made by Perfecto. with stand (Made of Maple wood, and you'll never see something like it). Asking $800 2. Sold Aqueon Proflex model 4 Sump (Brand new). Asking $225 3. Ecoxotic Panorama Pro 19W. 8k White. Use for my refugium. Asking $25. Paid $130 for it 4. Cobalt...
  12. Selling Forums
    Looking to upgrade my skimmer but I don't want to be out the cash when I order a new one. The skimmers awesome its just a little undersized for the system I'm using it on. I'm asking 200obo... As soon as I get a taker I will order the new one and the skimmer will be yours as soon as the new one...
  13. Lighting, Filtration and Other Equipment
    Hi guys, I posted this in another thread and have received no feedback so I hope someone can advise/guide me. I am looking at getting: a 60g cube, drilled with center overflow. Drilled in back near top, not bottom. Aqueom ProFlex Sump#2 (rated for 75g) Bubble Magus bm-NAC 3+, with Atman 1100...
  14. Reef Discussion
    Hi guys. Im looking at a 60g cube. It has a center overflow plumbed in the back. I want to run: an Aquem Proflex #2 sump/refugium (rated for 75g) Bubble Magus bm-nac3+ protein skimmer and for lighting- Eco tech Radion xr 30w G3 led lights (max PAR 900) what are your thoughts, likes and...
  15. Want to Buy
    I am looking for a sump. Glass or acrylic is fine. Would like 5' long, but 4' is also a consideration. Doesn't have to have baffles.
  16. Selling Forums
    "] $60 Rubbermaid Commercial Products - Rubbermaid Agriculture : 4244 70 U.S. gal Stock Tank Aqueon ProFlex sump model 4 $250 "]"] [/URL]Aqueon » Aqueon ProFlex? Modular Sump Filtration | Products filter sock holder new never used $20 "] "]
  17. Selling Forums
    For sale used Aqueon ProFlex Sump, Model 4, dual returns, like new. Just moved my sump to basement. 36.9" x 14.8" x 19". Must pick up, will not ship due to size. Asking $250. Only used 3 months from new.
  18. Selling Forums
    Brand new in box Pro Flex Model 3 Priced Lowered $215.00 Must Pick Up - Just seen it at Keys for $315.00 Has never been used you can wrap it up for Christmas box is in great condition. Box was open to confirm no cracks in acrylic.
1-18 of 18 Results