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  1. Selling Forums
    Willing to consider trades for corals, prefer lps and sps, but there are some softies out there that I would like. 90 gal tank, stand and sump, glass lids, returns, and ASM skimmer. 48 x 18 x 24. $300. I also have some screen lids that need a little work but are still good. willing to separate...
  2. Members Tanks
    Just when I thought I was going to take a break, I decided to set up a new tank. I kind of wanted it to be something different because I do not have the time to care for a sps tank. I want this build to be as cost efficient as possible. It's not working. lol I'm using things I have laying around...
  3. Members Tanks
    I have had salt water tanks off and on since I was 10. My first was a 5 gallon fish only tank and my last was a 180 gallon with every thing in between. After a 10 year break I decided to get back into the hobby and set up a 75 gallon reef DT with a 75 gallon sump. It didn't take long for the...
  4. Coral Propagation and Aquaculture
    I am wondering...... Here in MI, and even the surrounding states, who is still propagating their own corals? Trimming their overgrowth and sticking it in a frag tank for future sale? Even those collectors who collect the good stuff and when things overgrow have to prune your colonies? I do...
  5. Coral Propagation and Aquaculture
    I'm looking to frag some of my corals and I remember someone mentioned using a type of super glue. Can anybody tell me what glue they have used? A pic of the product would be most helpful too. Thanks in advance!
  6. Selling Forums
    Said to myself I would wait for 3 years to see if i was really done with the hobby. Its been 4, I guess Im really done. 120gal Innovative Plastics tank. Use as a propagation tank, but could be a show with some polish and elbow grease. Frag Rack included. 45gal sump/refugium. Added bulk heads...
  7. Want to Buy
    Interested in buying some sump colonizers. Looking for: Spaghetti worms Micro Featherdusters Chitons Terbellid snails Tunicates Micro Brittle Stars ...What have you? Let me know what you have. I work for Premium Aquatics, so I can offer trade as well.
  8. Site Feedback and Questions
    I want to preface this by saying that I truly do enjoy this site. MR is my home base; the first place I come to seek answers, interact with other reefers, and the information on this site is what I follow above all other info out there. There's just this one thing... The General "Reef...
  9. Reef Discussion
    I want to see how many people are running a system in there garage? I have a 1 ½ car detached garage that we just use to collect juck and was thinking of doing it out there because my wife said there is not enough room in our house to do what I want ( little under 900 sqf). Just want some input...
  10. Coral Propagation and Aquaculture
    Hers a video of it. everything is done except that i dont have an ATO yet, thinking about tanking all the money from the swap and buying an Elos, i know its expensive for a frag tank but i use one on my display tank and i see no reason to try another brand, when the controller failed they gave...
  11. Trading Forums
    Doing a system breakdown and i happen to have 7 24"x24" frag tanks. These tanks are not show worthy, however make for great use in a propagation or breeding setup.some of the glass is etched and some is clear still. All of them have been drilled in the bottom for 1" bulkheads ,some are drilled...
  12. Coral Propagation and Aquaculture
    Well I'm a bit bored this morning and I can't do much because I'm sick so I thought i would share my latest project. I currently have a 40 gal long as a frag tank, mostly for zoas, softies, and algae. I recently accumulated several nems and wanted to setup a propagation tank for them. After...
  13. Selling Forums
    Now that I am out of the hobby and trying to get down to one bookshelf ... the reef keeping books have to go. $50 takes them all ... even the coveted Anthoy Calfo Book of Coral Propagation.
  14. Anemones & Clownfish
    i once heard that you can cut rock flower nems in half for propagation, just like you can with the BTAs. but when i look for information on it there is none. i would like to hear if anyone has done this before and had success.
  15. Reef Discussion
    Hello all, I have been out of the hobby for several years. I was wondering if someone might update as to the latest thoughts on tank set ups. I will be getting a coral tank going again and need to know if my old way of set up is still considered reasonable. I have live rock that I will have...
  16. New to the Hobby
    Hello i am new to saltwater reef and fish keeping, so new infact that i am wiating on baserock and sand to arrive from reefrocks.net (like pulling teeth dealing with) but we wont get into that. My 1st attempt at saltwater is a 30 gal hex. I am wondering if anyone out there knows of any decent...
  17. Selling Forums
    I have a few things left to sell off as I leave the hobby for a long hiatus. It has been a blast the last 20+ years but life happens and I have had a lot of it happen the last two years. I have some books left that I would love to find new homes for. Both are book by Scott Michael. Wrasses...
  18. Want to Buy
    Like the title says I'm looking for a starter culture of phytoplankton to aid in the new propagation frag tank. Local please.
  19. Softies & LPS
    I have read that these are hard to keep.Does anyone have any advice on successfully keeping one of these in a mixed reef aquarium.
  20. Coral Propagation and Aquaculture
    sliced them in four, this is week 3. almost ready to be glued, or I can stick them between L.R and gravel facing upwards. some I release in my tank since they have little anchors on them. If I wait 3 more weeks, then I can glue them to a new surface.
1-20 of 40 Results