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  1. Selling Forums
    Selling Black Durgeon Trigger. In process of catching, pics available upon request. 5"-6", fat and healthy. $25, willing to meet within reason.
  2. Selling Forums
    *REHOMED* Puffer experts that want a valentini puffer? $0 Puffer has an awesome new home.
  3. Selling Forums
    I'm heading in a new direction with my tank and need to move a couple fish before the new ones come. 4.5" Blue Throat $50 3.5" Huma Huma $45 3" White line trigger $40 15" Banded Moray $100 14" Zebra Moray $100
  4. Selling Forums
    need to empty out spare tank for upcoming move, have 3 fish that need new home. pink tail trigger about 4", red tail (sargassum) trigger also about 4", last is a 5" porcupine puffer all healthy and happy would like to see all 3 go together for $100 but will seperate if i have to to see them go...
  5. Reef Discussion
    So every time I purchase snails, it seems that a good 60% of them die within the first day. It does not matter how long or what method I use to acclimate them. I run activated carbon to remove toxins, there is no stray current in my tank, medication free currently, nitrates are undetectable with...
  6. Selling Forums
    180 peedrilled tank and stand. Another 180g that has a leak with stand. 180g stand. Have pumps, lights, skimmers, heaters, sumps. Fish (tangs, puffer, pink tail clown, purple Tang, naso Tang and many others. Coral and mushrooms. Salt, food, accessories of all kinds. Live rock. Tubing and piping...
  7. New to the Hobby
    Hello, ladies and gents, I am new to saltwater tanks although I had fresh water tanks for many years. I have listed my saltwater equipment below along with relevant information. Now the question, looking at my parameters I think I am still a bit off on several of them, Im only looking at...
  8. Selling Forums
    6 to 7 inch fat and healthy stellatus puffer.Dont want to get rid of him but he dont get along with my dogface puffer all of a sudden and the trigger tank dont like him.lol he get along with everyone else.$150.00 can send pic from my cell phone if u want just text me, mike 810-543-8652
  9. Reef Fish
    Is there any reef safe triggerfish? Also what tank size should I have for one? I have read that the blue spot puffer is a more likely reef safe puffer so I will go that route
  10. Selling Forums
    Not exactly reef fish but I decided to not setup a fowler tank so I have a juvenile emperor angle and blue spot puffer for sale. Would let the angle go for $50 and the puffer for $20. I've had them both about 6-8 months and everything that goes into my systems I quarantine so they are healthy as...
  11. Selling Forums
    Due to a change in work hours that will require extensive traveling, I no longer have time for my 120 GAL FOWLR tank and must break it down. Would like to sell it as a whole package for $1000, but will part it out after one week if no offers or people I trust to move it properly come forward...
  12. Selling Forums
    Have a Zero Edge 22 ZR full setup I'm considering parting with. As some of you know, just the tank and stand for this system retails for $2500. Everything I bought is highest quality: New Skims Return Pump New Hydra26 LED HD New AquaMaxx Skimmer Apex Jr with PM1 with PH Sensor Neotherm...
  13. Reef Fish
    I was wondering if anyone has sugestions for a reef safe puffer i have always liked them but also like corals im doing lps and softies no sps for me Please if u know of puffers that would work in a reef system share them
  14. Trading Forums
    I have a group of fish for trade or sale. Looking to go Reef Safe 14" Yellow headed Fimbriated Moray Eel's (Gymnothorax fimbriatus) $50 4.5" Niger Trigger $35 4" White Tail Trigger $35 3" Lei Trigger $35 3" Stars and Stripes Puffer $45 6" Teal Smasher Mantis Shrimp $55 Will trade any for...
  15. Selling Forums
    I have a group of fish for sale or trade. Looking to go Reef Safe 3" Singapore Angel $35 4" White Tail Trigger $35 3" Lei Trigger $35 3" Stars and Stripes Puffer $45 6" Teal Smasher Mantis Shrimp $55 12" Yellow headed Fimbriated Moray Eel's (Gymnothorax fimbriatus) $50 Will trade any for...
  16. Want to Buy
    Adding to my predator tank, need Panther and puffer, if anyone has any or both please let me know, you can reach me at 313-205-3456, thank you...
  17. Selling Forums
    HELP ! my apartment complex has notified me that my tank must go. it was the greatest tank that i put together in my 20+ years of reefing. 150 acrylic bowfront with a oak (med, dark ) stand has a 50 gal sump, dual sock filters, red octopus skimmer, 12 turn uv sterilizer , m1 monster reactor, red...
1-17 of 500 Results