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  1. Reef Fish
    Is there any reef safe triggerfish? Also what tank size should I have for one? I have read that the blue spot puffer is a more likely reef safe puffer so I will go that route
  2. Want to Buy
    Looking for aggressive fish ...puffers, triggers, etc
  3. Reef Fish
    I was wondering if anyone has sugestions for a reef safe puffer i have always liked them but also like corals im doing lps and softies no sps for me Please if u know of puffers that would work in a reef system share them
  4. Want to Buy
    I am looking for some bristleworms and a cleanup crew for a 120 gallon that has been running for 5 weeks, doesn't have to be reef safe. There is 100lb live rock, two clowns and two damsels in there now, all under 1.5". Text 313-743-4530.
  5. Want to Buy
    Looking for larger, colorful snapper (especially threadfin), sweetlips, tangs, etc. for my predator system. Need to be at least 3-4 inches long and/or deep bodied to not be swallowed whole by my two groupers. No puffers or triggers please.
  6. Want to Buy
    Want to buy a black dalmatian puffer fish for my 300 gallon tank
  7. Reef Discussion
    Hello everyone, I'm thinking about putting together an aggressive 120-150 gallon tank and would like some recommendations. My son already has an undulated triggerfish that is about 3-4" long so that fish will definitely be going in the tank, can we put other triggerfish with it how many...
  8. Reef Fish
    I'm considering a small puffer tank, small meaning 30 gallons for a small Toby Puffer. I am currently looking at a Valentini. I'm just wondering what the best tankmates are for this puffer as I've heard that CUC can be lunch. Are there fish that will take care of the excess food that drops to...
  9. Reef Discussion
    With the help of a few friends my new 254 is in my basement,was to be a new home for my discus but can not stop thinking how good this tank wold look as a reef?
  10. Selling Forums
    Three show sized (12 inches plus) clown triggers. Currently housed together in 6000 gallon octagon artificial reef, but would likely need to be separated unless you have a very big tank. Have been together in tank for 2 years. Living with tangs, other triggers, angels, puffers, squirrelfish...
  11. The Lounge
    What are your thoughts on this ? Sent from my XT1080 using Tapatalk
  12. Fish Only & Aggressive Tanks
    Good Morning All, Got something weird going on in my 180. I had an overnight out break of brown alge covering my rocks and under more inverstigation have found a few fish just do look or act right. Tank Overview: 180 fish only with 50 gallon sump. 2 lion fish, 1 pinktail trigger, 1undulated...
  13. Moby Dick Pet Store
    *Fimbriated Moray Eel: $199.99 *Orange Toad Fish: $64.99 *Fancy Angler: $89.99 *Undulated Trigger: $29.99 *Captive Bred Small Orange Ocellaris Clowns: $14.88 All Gobies, Puffers, and Trigger Fish are 25% off! And, we have BioCubes on Sale: **14 Gallon BioCubes with Stand are $299.88. PLUS 5...
  14. Fish Only & Aggressive Tanks
    I have a 125 gallon tank that I would like to do as an aggressive tank and thought about a lionfish. Just wondering if someone can answer a couple questions: 1. Which one is the best to keep? 2. They say not to use a net to move but then how do you move them? 3. What fish can I put in with...
  15. Selling Forums
    I have a 5 in. dogface puffer, 2 squirrel fish and a hawk fish that I would like to sell or trade for coral. They need a good home. I am setting a tank in my motel lobby and these fish will not be able to come to that tank. Please let me know if anyone is interested. Thanks. Subir
  16. Want to Buy
    Specifically looking for large puffers would like a mappa Any eel safe with fish 6" plus i know theres no completely safe eel If you have anything similar let me know
  17. Want to Buy
    I need a few snails to help control the algae in my newly set up Puffer tank, but they need to be on the biggish side so the puffers can't eat them. THANKS!
  18. New to the Hobby
    Can a porcupine puffer be kept in a 40 gallon long tank?
  19. Fish Only & Aggressive Tanks
    Ive had to get rid of two different sohals due to aggression. But they were added early. The thing is i have fish like clown, huma, niger triggers, unicorn tangs, large puffers, and a emperor snapper and my last sohal would kill anything i added but they are such an awesome fish. I was wondering...
1-20 of 32 Results