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    Making a trip down to Royal Oak this friday. Let me know if your interested in these as I can drop them off from Freeland all the way down to Royal Oak. Most of these frags are healed and encrusted for over a month. Will make pack deals. JKR Rainbow $100 ARC Ultra Milli $175 JF Hulk Neon Green...
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    Sold sold sold sold
  3. Selling Forums
    I have 4 rainbow rbta available about 3***8221;- 45 each....1 left Utter chaos 2 polyp frags - 25 each 4 available.......2 left Gb buttkisser 3 polyp frag - 165 SOLD Nirvana - 10 pp Sunny d 5 pp Gobstoppers 5 pp Pink Krak 2 polyp frag - 50 SOLD Hollywood stunner chalice 30 - about 5***8221...
  4. Selling Forums
    Hello, ladies and gentlemen. I have a bunch of SPS I need to move. Mummy eye chalice. $50. Space Invadars $80. ORP Pearlberry $50 RR/SC Orange passion $100. PC Rainbow $40 Aussie Gold $40 big. Red Superman table. $50 Many more
  5. Reef Discussion
    Can anyone tell me what kind this is. I purchased 1 about 6 month's ago.now i have 4.
  6. Want to Buy
    Looking for a duncan frag or two to add to my tank. Anything available? Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  7. Selling Forums
    All sold thank you everyone plz close
  8. Selling Forums
    I am selling my high end zoa collection, with another baby coming in next few weeks I could use the money. The number after name is polyp count a lot might have more now, then price after for entire zoa on disk. I priced them super cheap to move them. If you get multiple you get a better deal...
  9. Selling Forums
    I've been doing some housekeeping and in the process made up some frags. I'd really rather trade them for anything stoney but the tradng forum has no action, so... Sour Apple Birdsnest: $10 Ponape Birdsnest: $10 Rainbow Pocillapora: $10 Green Fungia Plate: $10 There are several of each...
  10. Selling Forums
    Hey guys I just fragged my colony of everlasting gobstoppers, there’s about 4 polyps on each frag. I also have 3 Rainbow BTA left Gobstopper frag 20 each Rainbow RBTA 50 each I can only get one pic to upload, 810-931-0858 for faster response.
  11. Selling Forums
    I have a few corals up for sale. For the quickest response please text me. Ryan 586-872-1928 I am having trouble loading pics on here. I have a bunch of pics I took today. If interested, just ask and I will text them to you. Thanks for Looking Forrest Fire Digi 25 Pikachu 60 Raseberry Limeaide...
  12. Selling Forums
    Rainbow BTA $50 each 4-5 inches
  13. Selling Forums
    I have 8 frags of raptor rainbow Zoas. All Frags have at least 3 polyps. I’m looking to sell for $10 a polyp or trade for other zoas, chalices, fish, acans, and probably a bunch of other stuff too. Let me know what you have I’m open to any trades. Can text pictures 248 804 8463
  14. Trading Forums
    I have lots of high end zoas( bowsers, nirvana, hallucinations, rainbow incenirator...)much more, and other average zoas like blondies, oxides, fruit loops....looking to trade for colorful nems, or other zoas. Also have bounce mushrooms I can possibly trade. Inbox or text 313-437-790six.
  15. Want to Buy
    Wtb paly frags-es[ecially utter chaos, gobstoppers, also blue tubs zoa,goochster,rainbow raptors, dart maul, bam bams, sunny d's, fruit loops etc text me at 5862957062
  16. Selling Forums
    I have 4 of these guys ready for whoever wants them. 40.00
41-57 of 308 Results