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  1. Want to Buy
    Looking to get better coverage on my 300DD. Currently have 4 of the dimmable onyx fixtures. Looking to add 2 more and they are no longer sold by the company (Corona has replaced them). Anybody have 2 of these they no longer want??
  2. Want to Buy
    Looking for 2 rapidled onyx fixtures. Got one or two you're not using? Message me at 81zero-8seven5-0001. Thanks in advance!
  3. New to the Hobby
    Hello everyone, ultra noob here. I was given a free biocube tank but no lighting and by the looks of it, I can easily save quite a bit of money by making my own. (It would be dimmable, have color spectrum control and night/day timer) I'm very technically proficient but new to the reef...
  4. Want to Buy
    Looking for some inexpensive LED moon light options for my 100 gallon tank (to go in my canopy over my tank). If you have anything or can recommend anything, please let me know. THX
  5. Lighting, Filtration and Other Equipment
    Guys and Gals, If you were going to put LED's over your new tank, which LED provider would it be? # 1 I'm looking at Marine Solutions LED's, I know they are re-branded Chinese units, but they grow coral very good and they are only $170 with built in timers and come with a warranty. #2...
  6. Want to Buy
    Me looking for a refuge led for my sump on my 220 Let me know if you have anything
  7. Do It Yourself
    I'm thinking about doing some DIY LED lighting. I did some research and I think I'm all set on how to make it but I'm just not sure what the beam angle of the LED's should be and what kind of power supply I should use. I seen some people have posted LED builds with multichip LED's on this forum...
  8. Selling Forums
    REDUCED - BioCube 29G with Stand I'm getting out of the hobby for now, so I'm selling off my 29G BioCube Includes: BC29 Tank BC29 Stand BC29 Hood Tank Pump Now $175! Here is a photo:
  9. Selling Forums
    I Have a great condition 14g biocube with the matching stand and the rapid led retro kit with the dim control that let's you dial in the white and blue LEDs. $300 ---------- Post added 01-11-2014 at 08:36 PM ---------- Price drop $250
  10. Selling Forums
    Up for sale are 2- Aqua Iluminations Sol Blue LED lights which include the controller module, and power packs. These both come with Original packaging, and both are in mint shape. I am asking $500 for both lights with the controller module and power packs. I will be available from today until...
  11. Lighting, Filtration and Other Equipment
    I just built and installed a rapidled moonlight kit on my 120. WOW! For the money, this kit is amazing! $18 gets you the moonlight driver, 4 moonlight chips, and 4 thermal pads. The driver is tiny and is connected to the plug. It also has screw ports for the wires which makes...
  12. Want to Buy
    I'm looking for 10 rapidled optics... preferably the 90 deg. I don't care about the color. Let me know if you've got some extras lying around. Also, if you have these, maybe you also have a neutral white or cool white LED chip I could buy. PM me! Thanks!
  13. Selling Forums
    I have an Innovative Marine Nuvo 16 (black version, ***NO stand***) in my office that I would like to sell. Spare stock media tray (for total of 3), 1 set of spare (new) stock media, and spare stock return pump (2 total), 1 spare stock return pump impeller. I also have a RapidLED Par38 LED bulb...
  14. Do It Yourself
    I have the 29G Biocube RapidLED LED retrofit kit and the lights randomly went out. I tested everything and found that the voltage to the LED's is good (41.8v DC), I am not reading any Amps, i have only been able to read 15 microamps. This is on both drivers, i thought this might be too much of...
1-15 of 15 Results