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    155 gallon bow front all glass aquarium with stand, sump and ato!! $1000! On YOUTUBE! THIS IS A STANDARD 155 GALLON BOW FRONT DEMENTIONS ARE 72" X 24" 24" I BELIEVE 18" ON THE SIDES CENTER IS 24 SERIOUS BUYERS ONLY!!! COMES WITH CUSTOM STAND, A 75 GALLON SUMP AND 30 GALLON ATO TANK ALL FOR...
  2. Want to Buy
    Hello Mi Reefers, My name is Daniel I've been reefing for about 5 years. I became fascinated with Sps and all of its wonders. I'm wondering if anyone else out there in Michigan has Sps and would like to know what you've got and if you have ways to get more potentially try and collect the Sps...
  3. Selling Forums
    As the title states I am prepared to offer a few rare frags that any stick collector out there needs to have! All frags are 1" or larger. Located in Port Huron, Michigan. First pic: Tyree Snowcone Tenius $175 Second pic: RR CJ PINKY $275 (super rare!) Third pic: RR Banana Split $250 Fourth...
  4. Want to Buy
    Looking to buy some rare corals, in particular, Z & Ps, acans, mushrooms, chalices. But, if you have some nice high end stuffs, please pm me also. Thanks.
  5. Selling Forums
    I'm going to be cleaning up my Gorgonia ventalina soon in an attempt to retrain it to grow in a single plane. The common sea fan cannot legally be harvested from much of the Caribbean, subsequently only cultured specimens can be sold. So, frags of this fantastic and rare coral will be...
  6. Selling Forums
    *ORA Bird of Paradise Colony: 3x4", pic is of a frag, not colony for sale. $50 PENDING Lunar Eclipse Zoa Colony (old pic), more than 50 polyps $50 PENDING *Very rare Pink Panther Acro:, just shy of 1/2" (working on a pic...the camera doesn't like pink corals with the blue lights for some...
1-6 of 7 Results