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red coris

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  1. Selling Forums
    Selling Black Durgeon Trigger. In process of catching, pics available upon request. 5"-6", fat and healthy. $25, willing to meet within reason.
  2. Reef Fish
    Hi. I have a 2in royal gramma in a 75g for the past 18mo, with plenty of hiding spots. I also have a 2in+ neon dottyback (that was given to me) in a 90g liverock/refugium. IF I can catch the little bugger, should I add the dottyback to the display? It's a nice looking fish, but... I was thinking...
  3. Fish Only & Aggressive Tanks
    I have a large fish only tank and i was having a hard time deciding what fish to order all cost about the same and all are compatable Option 1: 10" Pink Tail Trigger Option 2: 10" red coris wrasse Option 3: 10" spanish hogfish Option 4: 6" silver foxface and a 6" blue hippo tang
  4. Fish Only & Aggressive Tanks
    Want some feedback on purchasing a juvenile red coris wrasse. I currently have a porcupine puffer, yellow coris wrasse, diamond goby, a couple of damsels and a couple of brittle stars. A couple of mushroom rocks but I am primarily and fowlr, about 20lbs of live rock. Years ago I had both a...
  5. Selling Forums
    Juvinile red coris wrasse about 2". Eats frozen and pellets/flakes $15. 2 chromis about 1" $5 for both;
  6. Want to Buy
    Looking for a large adult red coris
1-6 of 15 Results