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    Complete Saltwater Reef Setup - $400 O.B.O. This is a great price...the light is worth more than I'm asking and you get a complete setup included. *** moving soon and not interested in selling individual items *** Innovative Marine 25 gallon rimless All-in-One tank - 5 chambers in the back to...
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    looking to buy whole reef setup near bay city
  3. Selling Forums
    looking for whole reef set up. near bay city
  4. Selling Forums
    I have a 240 gallon reef tank 6 FT LONG. Led lights , sump and stand. Selling the whole setup. Looking for someone who can come tear it down and take it home. $1500 for it all. Would prefer someone who is not a beginner as I have had these for a long time and don't want them to just parish after...
  5. Want to Buy
    I’ve started a 90 gallon reef tank. I’ve got 60 of live rock with 100lbs of dry rock and probably 30 lbs of rubble rock in the skimmer chamber. The rubble rock and all the dry rock has been soaking in Aquavitra seed. I went to the LFS and put two snowflake clown in and they are happy and eating...
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    Selling custom dual corner overflow glass reef tank. Each overflow has a return. Stand is custom made for the tank. The rear brace was removed to fit the Trigger Systems 36. The brace can just be screwed back in. One Gen2 Radion with hanging kit. All equipment in working order. Tank and stand...
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    I need to find this chalice a new home.... been in my tank for appx 12 years and has been fragged a zillion times. But, i'm out of room, and some things have to go. Probably 9x4 in size, maybe larger, whirls in shape like a monti cap.... Selling for just $20.... can transact in a socially...
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    I am just wanting to do something different until I set up the 300g again someday. $750- All SPS for sale as a pkg only. Start off ahead of the curve with your reef tank by adding grown out, extremely healthy and beautifully colored corals. Everything has been maintained with Brightwell and...
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    Setting up a 150 gallon mixed reef with a 55 gallon sump. I need an internal skimmer that can handle it. not looking to break the bank.
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    PRICE DROP $200 Current USA Orbit Marine Pro fixture. 24hr light control. Six different color LEDs with 176 Total LEDs Has legs also Comes with hanging kit as well. I lost the remote control. They are available on Amazon for $10-$15 This is a great entry level reef light. Asking $200 firm...
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    I am looking to buy an established reef tank. I am open to different size options.
1-11 of 500 Results