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  1. Want to Buy
    Anyone looking to rehome their wrasse? Tibor, flashers, 4,6,8 line, yellow or green coris. Let me know what ya have.
  2. Selling Forums
    Hello - got a few return pumps - Iwaki MD 55RLT - $100 - Dart hybrid - $125 (barely used - was a backup) - Mag 18 - $80 - Quiet one 4000 - $30 pm or msg at 313314zerozero 75
  3. Selling Forums
    New unopened Bulk reef supply 5 gallon bucket of Pharma Soda Ash -$75 5 gallon bucket of Pharma Calcium Chloride-$75 Text 734-301-9153 Thanks , Keith
  4. Selling Forums
    I have a real nice medium sized pest free Double Saddle Butterfly for sale. I've had him for about 6 month+ now. Eats everything including aptasia. Would not recommend for a reef, but it'll be great for a FOWLR. My tank is ICH-FREE so it'll be good to drop right into your tank. Paid $100 at...
  5. Selling Forums
    Very well established tank with some supplies. Have a toadstool, clown and yellow watchman goby and of course some snails and crabs. Nothing wrong with it other than a few minor scratches. We got a parrot and are getting another. It's a bigger commitment and just trying to free up time...
  6. Selling Forums
    I have a 240 gallon reef tank 6 FT LONG. Led lights , sump and stand. Selling the whole setup. Looking for someone who can come tear it down and take it home. $1500 for it all. Would prefer someone who is not a beginner as I have had these for a long time and don't want them to just parish after...
  7. Want to Buy
    I’ve started a 90 gallon reef tank. I’ve got 60 of live rock with 100lbs of dry rock and probably 30 lbs of rubble rock in the skimmer chamber. The rubble rock and all the dry rock has been soaking in Aquavitra seed. I went to the LFS and put two snowflake clown in and they are happy and eating...
  8. Selling Forums
    Hardly used 165w dimmable full spec "blackbox" - $60 SOLD (1) PP-8 Jebao pump- $40 SOLD In-Box Barely Used Reef Octopus BH-50 Nano skimmer - $80 30g DIY 3-chamber refugium-$40 SWC BMK 150 skimmer - $60 Aqueon 250 submersible heater - $25 2- Mag 12 return pump(s) - $40 ea. 1- SOLD (1- Left)...
  9. Members Tanks
    Just wanted to introduce our newest reef..
  10. Selling Forums
    Have 1 Ecotech Reef Link for sale. Nothing wrong with it, but I don't have any ecotech products any longer. $70 includes shipping if necessary. I'm in Plymouth. call/text me at 81zero-8seven5-0001
  11. Selling Forums
    Decent size RBTA on 25lb rock . Located in Waterford . $250 ---------- Post added 08-06-2020 at 02:05 AM ---------- Pics under white light Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk ---------- Post added 08-06-2020 at 02:05 AM ---------- Blue Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Selling Forums
    Cleaning out storage have a few reactors for sale. Hang On Back HOB Refugium-$40 8500GPH External Pump-$100 Large Bashsea Coil Nitrate Reactor -$50 Bashsea Media Reactor, missing an O ring -$30 SKIMZ Monster Biopellet Reactor. BioPellets Included. -$70 Send me a number or email address for pics.
  13. Selling Forums
    Selling custom dual corner overflow glass reef tank. Each overflow has a return. Stand is custom made for the tank. The rear brace was removed to fit the Trigger Systems 36. The brace can just be screwed back in. One Gen2 Radion with hanging kit. All equipment in working order. Tank and stand...
21-33 of 500 Results