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  1. Selling Forums
    Have a lot of Digital Aquatics ReefKeeper equipment for sale. This bundle comes with the following: - ReefKeeper Lite Head Units (x2) - PC4s (x6) - SL1 (x3) - MLC - NET - Float Switch - Temp Probes (x2) - iTemp Probe - pH Probe - SID v2 - Lots of cables Everything for $250.
  2. Want to Buy
    I am wanting to set up a tank and this is what I am able to do right now. I am looking for a nano tank or a peninsula tank. Let me know what you have. Looking for tank, and rock as well as a heater I have everything else. Open to all varieties... I just want a tank I'm not picky let me know.
  3. Selling Forums
    I'm open to offers. ReefKeeper Elite ($250) or best offer 2 x ReefKeeper Elite Head Unit (RKM-GC1) Included Modules: 2 x RKM-SL1 (pH, ORP, temperature, 2 micro switches) 4 x RKM-PC4 (total of 16 outlets) 1 x RKM-SID (System Interface Device) 1 x RKM-NET (Network Interface Module) Bus Cable to...
  4. Want to Buy
    Well my digital aquatics reefkeeper elite took a crap. Time to upgrade to new unit. What are you guys using? Needed advice to what is the best reliable unit. Just wanted some basic unit still able to add on other stuffs later.
  5. Selling Forums
    i have a Clarity acrylic tank with lots of coralline algae across it. It is 48 wide, 30 tall and 18 inches from the front to the blue back, with internal overflow. it is well filled with coralline covered live rock. has 2 sol blue lights, heater, misbar gold flake maroon clown, pistol shrimp, 4...
  6. Selling Forums
    Selling as a bundle. Won't part out. Everything is in working condition. $550 takes all of it. Laptop included if you want it. Included Headunit: 2 x ReefKeeper Elite Head Unit (RKM-GC1) Included Modules: 2 x RKM-SL1 (pH, ORP, temperature, 2 micro switches) 4 x RKM-PC4 (total of 16...
  7. Selling Forums
    Livestock is sold. Check out the equipment listed below! Milwaukee MA887 Digital Refractometer: $70 50gpd RODI unit with dual TDS meter: $50 Finnex 800w heating element: $40 Finnex 500w heating element: $30 PP-15 (x2) missing the power cords, but with two extra controllers: $40 30...
  8. Want to Buy
    Looking for a good deal on an Apex. If I dont find one for a reasonable price I will just use an inkbird.
  9. Want to Buy
    Looking to buy a Reefkeeper Elite head unit. Mine stopped working on me and I have all the modules for it. Can't seem to find where they sell just the head unit online besides digital aquatics website but they are all sold out. Thanks in advance
  10. Selling Forums
    I'm looking to sell a Digital Aquatics ReefKeeper Lite controller that I do not need. It comes with the following: - ReefKeeper Lite Head Unit - SL1 (system lab for probes) - PB4 (4-outlet power bar) - Temp and pH probes - SID (system interface) - Bus cables I'm selling for $100, but will...
  11. Selling Forums
    Reefkeeper 2 with temperature sensor/wire. Backlight is a bit dim but keeps time and temp accurately and the 8 outlet energy bar works as it should. Text 517 395-8700 for quick response.
  12. Selling Forums
    Digital Aquatics reef keeper lite plus system 1 x RKE Head Unit 2 x PC4 - Power Controller 4 1 x SL2v2 - System Lab 2 1 x DA pH Probe 1 x DA Temperature Probe 1 x DA Salinity Probe 1 x SIDv2 - System Interface Device 2 x 3' Bus Cable 2 x 1' Bus Cable looking to sell whole...
  13. Selling Forums
    Super Feeder $30 Bio-pellet reactor $30 Phosban Reactor $25 AC Jr. - 4 of the outlets work. Not sure why the others are not. $25 WATER BLASTER HY 3000 CIRCULATING WATER PUMP $100
  14. Selling Forums
    All, Have the following for sale. PayPal or cash only. BM-T01 with BM Doser shelf - $175 TYD. EcoTech Marine XR15 RMS - $60 TYD Skimz RR93 fluidized or biopellet reactor (works for either) - $85 TYD. Tunze 3155 ATO - $140 TYD. Digital Aquatics ReefKeeper Basic + add'l PB4 + SLV2 Module - $175...
  15. Selling Forums
    Hey all, Leaving the hobby (again) and selling my SCA 50 gal. cube and stand. This sale includes a bare SCA 50gal cube (no chips, cracks, or scratches), Artfully Acrylic Lid, SCA Skimmer (NIB), and the SCA black stand (NIB, the stand is brand new, still in it's crate packaging). I'm asking...
  16. Selling Forums
    Hey all, I'm leaving the saltwater world for good, I'm moving in the next month or two and I can't bring the tank along so all the goods must go. All items are used but in excellent condition. Prices are TYD and if were close in price I'll work with you. I accept PayPal. Any questions please DM...
1-16 of 500 Results