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  1. Want to Buy
    Hi i have a JBJ Reaction 4-Stage Canister Filter + UV EFU-25 and the uv part just lit on fire and now i have no filter. I have little to no money for a new one so if any knows were to get a super cheap Canister Filter please let me know thank you.
  2. Members Tanks
    This is one of my mixed reefs, It's an interesting setup really, a little tall and a little skinny with a built in filtration system in the back. I went with one 250w hqi to power the entire thing, I just put it high up. That gave it a really simple feel to it and nice mix of high light areas...
  3. Vendor Experiences
    About a month ago I saw a new sponsor from Saugatuck. For me being in St. Joseph (southwest MI) most reef stores are about an hour away. So I had time one day after an appointment and visited. I got there shortly before closing. Derek, the owner, is a great guy, very friendly and knowledgeable...
  4. Vendor Experiences
    If you havent been out there and you live close you need to go! Derek is extremely nice and knows his stuff. He also gave me a great price on my trade-in and he sounded like he was always looking to get more used equipment. Also, he said that he can order you almost anything you want (coral fish...
1-4 of 27 Results