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  1. New to the Hobby
    I have kept African cichlids for years, but I want to try saltwater and corals. I have an empty 75 gallon drilled in the back, two new aquaclear 110 filters, heaters, a danner mag 9 pond pump, an old compact florescent 48" fixture with two 96 watt bulbs, and some older power heads. What I...
  2. Lighting, Filtration and Other Equipment
    Okay, so I just got a 7 ft by 2 ft by 30 inch tall aquarium. What would you light it with?? I am not terribly concerned with the cost of fixtures, just want a really nice light to grow everything from softies, to sps and clams. Let me know what you guys would do!
  3. Want to Buy
    Loking for 48Inch LED fixture for my son who has a tight (nonexistent) budget:) I appreciate ya looking. thanks!
  4. Selling Forums
    Updated 5.1.18. Got a few things that I want to get out of my basement. Text or Call me at 81zero-8seven5-0001 Reef Octopus BR-70 biopellet reactor. Comes with 1L of unopened pellets and mag 9.5 to drive it all $100 for everything. Break-down - Reactor - $50, Mag 9.5 - $40, Pellets - $30...
  5. Selling Forums
    48" 8x54W Dimmable SunPower with Controller - 2 channels Comes with 11 total bulbs-10 less than a month old Giesemann bulbs and one Euroquatics BluePop. (Can also take the old ATi bulbs as well, about 9 months old used on low settings) Extra reflectors as well. Still under warranty-Less than...
  6. Selling Forums
    decided to downgrade to a single tank. Will update with Pics 80 gal glass tank - 48x18X22 Drilled 1" hole - top center comes with black painted wood stand and top wired with T5HO 4x36" on Work horse ballast - Need new bulbs and reflectors. Have some clip on reflectors, but they are pretty...
  7. Want to Buy
    Looking to buy 2-250w MH setup. Will be in fish room so not concerned about aesthetics. Must be hangable. SE or DE.
  8. Selling Forums
    I have 2 Lumen Bright reflectors with sockets assemblies and 3 175 watt MH ballasts for sale. 1 ballast is new in box, the other 2 and the reflectors were used for about 2 months, all are in excellent condition. , $40 takes it all. ALL OFFERS CONSIDERED, thanks ---------- Post added...
  9. Selling Forums
    Reef Equipment blow out. I will be updating and adding pictures. 5. (3) CoralVue Lumen bright Reflectors 20X20 with brand new radiums and aquamedic 250 watt m80 ballast $300 for all three or 100 each 6. (5) Lumenmax II reflectors with newer radium bulbs and m80 ballast $100 each set...
  10. Selling Forums
    4 bulb 24" retro fit comes with reflectors and 2 used bulbs $50 2 large aqua clear aquatics skimmer bodies $10 a piece Big Bad emperor aquatics Venturi protein skimmer body $15 call or text me 810-813-324two for pictures, Ryan
  11. Selling Forums
    Pictures: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/0B_cXgLwWuMoFdmZERFI0Y05ybDQ Sorted by name, this is in order: Tunze 7094, Acts funny at times - Free with Tunze purchase (Cleaning them now, will post at later date) Tunze Rock cover, good hiding spot for fish - $20 Fish Chems - $5, free...
  12. Selling Forums
    I am selling a 2 bulb T5 Retrofit kit including: 2 ATI bulbs (Purple Plus and Blue Plus) with only 3 months use, 2 reflectors, and GLO Ballast. Everything works perfect. Was only running them 6 hours a day to supplement LED's. $30
  13. Selling Forums
    Hi folks.... I have a dual T5 HO retro available. It uses a pair of high quality Helios electronic ballasts, which come pre-wired by the factory. Water-tight end caps, HD power cord, bulbs and reflectors all part of the package. If you only want one, i will separate, but right now it is...
  14. Selling Forums
    2 MH IceCap Electric ballest w/Lumen Bright Mini Reflectors Your choice- 175w or 250w Icecap ballest. Your choice- SE or DE Only 2 of the 3 in the pic are available for sale, Plug and play, ready to use 175w- $150 for pair 250w- $200 for pair Prices negotiable. Would also trade for...
  15. Selling Forums
    i have a a dual 250Watt HQI ballast with 2 remote reflectors hoods, the transformer will shut of automatically if you over heat $200 obo i also have a large high quality hood for a 1000 watt fixture, and is like new measures 28x39 inches with 8 inch ducting $90 finally an ice cap ballast...
  16. Want to Buy
    Hi guys. I'm into freshwater plants and am on the lookout for some inexpensive t5 ho units. Sizes ranging up to 5 feet long. I can't afford fancy new ones. Send me an text if you have any for sale. I'm in oakland county. 2four8- 24zero-32five7 Thanks
  17. Selling Forums
    Luminarc Full Size LA3 and Icecap 400w Halides I have two Luminarc LA3 full size reflectors with IceCap 400w Electronic MH Ballasts. Bulbs have 10 months of use - radiums. $125 per setup, $200 for both. pickup preferred. Can easily light a 3'x3' area, great spread with these reflectors...
  18. Selling Forums
    ***Light is Pending weekend pick-up*** This light has 2x 250w Mh (Hamilton 20k approx. 3 months old) and 4xT5 (ATI 2x Actinic 2x Blue plus 5+ months) I have some extra T5 bulbs that I will throw in as well. 2-Blue Plus and 1 Purple plus. I bought this light 2 years ago and installed upgrade...
1-19 of 385 Results