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    Milwaukee Instruments MA887 Digital Seawater Refractometer In xcellent shape used very few times. It has plastic storage case. Selling for $75
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    For faster response contact direct at 810 nine 31 0eight 58 Reefbreeders photon v2(48 inch) 450.00 SOLD Aquaticslife T5 hybrid fixture (48***8221;)-225.00 SOLD Coral box dosing container- 30.00 Skimmer stand-20.00 SOLD Marine pure brick- 15.00 Marine pure box of balls- 15.00 Brand new...
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    40% OFF Premium Refractometer Only $23.99 Save on our most popular refractometer. It's on sale this entire month. Makes a great stocking stuffer. Expires Midnight 12/31/2019 https://premiumaquatics.com/products/premium-aquatics-refractometer.html TROPIC EDEN MESO and ReefFlake Sand BACK IN...
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    15% OFF Memorial Day Weekend 15% OFF All NON MAP priced items. Many MAP specials listed below as well.* Offer ends Midnight EST 5/27/2019* https://premiumaquatics.com/content/Exclusions https://premiumaquatics.com/ 20% OFF Real Reef Live Rock 20% OFF Real Reef DRY & LIVE Versions, reg, shelf...
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    15% OFF Bubble Magus Doser's 15% OFF All Bubble Magus Doser's from the Single TS1 to the TM12 Triple dosing. The Dosing accessories are on sale as well.* Offer ends Midnight EST 5/31/2019* https://premiumaquatics.com/category/dosing-pumps.html?filter_brand_id=1070 New Fish Aid Antibiotics Fish...
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    Premium Refractometer $21.99 Thats right, we are offering our reliable refractometer for only 21.99 this month. We have carried this model for over 15 years and well proven to be reliable. At this price, every reefer should have one in there tool box.* Offer ends Midnight EST 5/31/2019*...
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    Marine Depot refractometer ---- $15 Works fine. So much easier and more accurate than hydrometer. Call/text me at 81zero-8seven5-0001
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    Please let me know price. 517-897-2145 (Ryan) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I have a few items to sell - will be moving next month and don't want to take any saltwater aquarium gear with me! Milwaukee MA887 Digital Refractometer: $60 50gpd RODI unit with dual TDS meter: $40 30 gallon bowfront with stand: $10 30 gallon tall with stand: $10 48" 4-bulb T5HO fixture...
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    ONLY 2 DAYS TO SAVE Rossmont pumps are AC powerhead pumps that using the Waver are able to control power and speed. They also have an AC Riser Return pump that can be controlled with the waver and Wifi as well. AND Make sure to look at the 50+ Products on Clearance! Includes: Salifert...
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    Livestock is sold. Check out the equipment listed below! Milwaukee MA887 Digital Refractometer: $70 50gpd RODI unit with dual TDS meter: $50 Finnex 800w heating element: $40 Finnex 500w heating element: $30 PP-15 (x2) missing the power cords, but with two extra controllers: $40 30...
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    45+ products on Clearance DON'T forget to check these deals out! Includes: Salifert Potassium Reef Test Kit, Sybon HD Refractometer Atc, and many OPEN BOX deals! http://bit.ly/SalesClearance
  13. New to the Hobby
    I am going to keep a coral tank what’s the best salt level if I am. Thanks.
  14. Premium Aquatics
    Today we are taking a look at Premium Aquatics Refractometer with LED light. We are going to take a quick look at this refractometer and see how it operates and how to calibrate a refractometer. Enter to win: 1. Watch video and hit Thumbs up 2. Subscribe if you haven't already to our channel...
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    Today we are taking a look at Micmol Aqua Pro and Aqua Mini LED lighting for your Nano Reef Tank. We are also going to do an unboxing, setup and review of these LED fixtures. Aqua Pro: https://goo.gl/xjGXUN Aqua Mini: https://goo.gl/gmkW6u Subscribe, Comment, & Like*for your chance to win an...
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    Looking for an inexpensive refractometer. Let me know if you have an extra one laying around. Thanks
  17. Premium Aquatics
    In this video we are going to take a look at salinity and how to measure salinity in your fish only, fish only with live rock, or full reef aquarium. We will also do a quick unboxing and calibration of the Tropic Eden True Seawater Refractometer. We also talk about best practices concerning...
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    i recently got out of the hobby and have these last few items to sell: i have an RODI system that i believe was 150 gpd, it comes with extra filters and DI resin- im looking to get SOLD i also have a pinpoint Salinity monitor which is best for accurate salinity testing, im looking to get SOLD...
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    Got out of the hobby years ago do to work keeping me away from home too often. I kept my RODI equipment just in-case I desired to get back into the hobby, But that doesn't look like it going to happen, So it's time to let it go! The original set-up was a Air-Water-Ice Typhoon & it was...
  20. Want to Buy
    WTB Coral in/around Kzoo Battle Creek area Don't need a refractometer!! Looking to buy coral and frags in the Kzoo BC area, if that's possible. Many thanks! 2695655529
1-20 of 50 Results