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  1. Trading Forums
    iPad Mini 4 in almost brand new condition. Only used around 10 hours. Just never really needed it. Looking to trade for Achilles tang. Or a regal angel that's healthy. Also have live phytoplankton I can sweeten the deal with if necessary! Text me at 248-303-7028
  2. Trading Forums
    Want to trade a custom 187 gallon acrylic tank (60"x24" x30"tall) with built in center overflow, rounded front corners, a 55 gallon sump with return pump, and an older stand and canopy. Looking for live rock, a skimmer for a 180 gallon, and fish (anthias, fairy wrasses, a larger niger trigger or...
  3. Want to Buy
    Looking for a Regal Angel to add to my newly cycled 120. I'm told these fish are the first fish to add to a tank. I am also looking for a B&W Occelaris pair, but will only add the pair or the angel, not both at the same time.
  4. Vendor Experiences
    Hey guys, Stay away from Reef Solutions. They are the worse retailer ever with horrible customer service. My buddy bought a fish there and paid over and above the asking price purposely as a tip for the store with one request to hold a fish till after they returned from a short business trip...
  5. Want to Buy
    I am looking for a eating Regal Angel that someone is willing to sell or trade. Prefer Red Sea. Please contact me on my cell at 313-485-7952 if you have one willing to sell. Christopher
  6. Reef Discussion
    I need to liven up my fish tank and need some brainstorming for some ideal fishmates. I have a 90 gallon tank that has been up for about 5 years or so. 4 inch sand bed, plenty of liverock, but arranged in a way where the fish can swim behind it and through it. Large sump with algae, sand...
  7. Announce Frag Meets & Swaps
    Matt G of Waterford, MI is hosting a get together at his home to show off his setup. Join us to meet up with fellow hobbyists, share stories, and Corals without the chaos of big overwhelming events! Everyone who attends are all locals who are also real reefers. For more information and the...
1-7 of 27 Results