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  1. Selling Forums
    Mated pair of lightning maroon clownfish, hosting a rose bubble anemone...$250 for the package. Large rabbit fish....$50 Large blue wrasse fish.....$50 Several variety of frags, zoas, palys, mushrooms, couple anemones, rock flower anemone(large), and more. Could be reached by text 313-268-319five
  2. Selling Forums
    Trying to get a hold of everyone having issue with reply posts.... THANKS Great responses.... please leave PM or text me 810-836-6492 IM in Flushing MI All ,I need to start tearing down my 120 gallon Reef tank Ive had it up and running since 2011 and hate to get out. I just dont have the time...
  3. Hitchhikers and "ID Please"
    Hi, Just saw this in my tank this morning. It appears to be a mass of red eggs in a gelatenous mass topped off with some mucus (it is about 1 inchi in diameter). I've never seen this in my tank before, any ideas of what they may be from? My guess is that they are snail eggs, I currently...
  4. Want to Buy
    Looking for a breeding pair of ocellaris clowns. Let me know what you have
  5. Want to Buy
    Looking to buy a rose bubble anemone. Also open to other types!
  6. Selling Forums
    Scrambled egg zoa 8 polyp $100.00 purple hearted zoa 10 polyp $60.00 fruit loop zoa 10 polyp $100.00 raspberry limeaid 10 polyp $80.00 gold maul zoa 6 polyp $50.00 sunny d paly 10 polyp $70.00] also have: Large rbta 6-10 inches on large rock with purple haze monti $80.00 6-8...
  7. Selling Forums
    I have a couple of Rose Anemone's that became to large for the aquarium they were in. I would like to sell them to someone that knows how to take care of them. They keep splitting and this particular run of them have been around for a long time. If anyone is interested just let me know. The open...
  8. Selling Forums
    Mature Rose Bubble Tip Anemone 8"+, Top in Photo - $75 This clone spilt ~1 year ago and is attached to a softball sized rock. Anemone is healthy and full healed. Looking to clear some space for a tank re-design. Photo is under 250W Phoenix 14K...
  9. Selling Forums
    Hey Guys, I have a Rose Bubble Tip Anemone for sale. It split off my main rbta about a month ago and has fully recovered for a while now. I would say it's about 1.5"-2" in diameter when fully open. I would like to get $30 for it. I just started college so i would like to only meet up on...
  10. Selling Forums
    Live Rock for Sale Selling about 50 lbs of live rock for $50 bucks. Let me know if you're interested. Text me at 586-431-1708, or send a PM.
  11. Selling Forums
    I have 2, six inch Rose Anemone's that are from a split. Both very healthy and happy. Only selling one for now. Would like $75 for it or trade for a skimmer that will handle 75 gallons. click on link or text 6166445839 for pics. Mobile Photobucket
  12. Members Tanks
    My 135 gal. tall tank. 3 dwarf angels, a lemonpeel, flame and a multicolor. A flame Hawkfish, true perc clow with a large rose anemone, exquisite wrasse and the newest addition an adult Emporer Angel. Lots of live rock with a deep sand bed. Sump is plumbed to the basement with a coralife 220...
  13. Want to Buy
    I'm looking for a carpet or bubble tip anemone. The bigger the better. Let me know what you got thanks Eric.
  14. Selling Forums
    i have a 180g tank i need to get rid of, the problem is it leaks from one end. its a nice tank i just have to many other tanks and not enough time to fix it. its already outside and just needs to be picked up . as far as price , id take any good trade but because there has to be a price for the...
  15. Selling Forums
    I have two good size Rose Anemones for sale. I am asking $60 each. Please call if interested thx (517)262-6883
  16. Selling Forums
    18" Rose Anemone for sale Mount Pleasant Buyer must pickup in person in Mount Pleasant, Michigan. This is a secondary tank for me and the lighting ballast burned out. I am removing the tank and placing the anemone under a HPS bulb for holding until I find a buyer. It's over 5 years old and is...
1-17 of 36 Results