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  1. New to the Hobby
    Hi all, I am in a quandary and need some expert advice from you all. I have been looking into getting a aquarium controller either reef keeper lite basic or Apex. The issue I am seeing is that every other equipment I [;an on buying also comes with its own controller. As an example, I am looking...
  2. Reef Discussion
    I just got a quote for a new tank. These are a couple of comments that came with the quote. "In a rimless design 48x24x24 we use 3/4" glass A standard aquarium will not stand up to the stresses of a reef" Seems odd they would use 3/4" glass on a 48" tank. Discuss.
  3. Selling Forums
    Eheim 1100 (I believe it is called the Eheim 2000 now) can be used as internal or external pump. Controllable Output: 260-528gph, Max Head: 7`5", Hose Size: 3/4", Dimensions: 5.4" x 3.2" x 5.0". 6-8 months old - excellent working condition. $45 Eheim Compact+ 2000 Pump - Marine Depot Reef...
  4. Selling Forums
    CALL OR TEXT 2487902544 BEST WAY TO GET A HOLD OF ME Jebao DCT-15000 155W 3962 gph Marine Controllable Water Pump $100 Jerboa DCT series pump DCT-15000. Why are these better then the DT Models? DCT has a High performance motor with innovation electronics and energy saving up to 50% more then...
  5. Lighting, Filtration and Other Equipment
    I have a Reef Octopus external skimmer that has run without any issues for about a year. Due to a heater mishap, my skimmer has overflowed twice in the middle of the night and overflowed and caused at least 5 gallons of water to empty into my stand and floor of my house. I am thinking about...
  6. Lighting, Filtration and Other Equipment
    Where to instal my RO/DI setup? I have a basement, and also well water. I will be making water in the basement. There is much more presure on the well pump, directly from the pump, before the preasure regulator than there is on the side after the regulator, prefilter and/or water softener...
  7. Lighting, Filtration and Other Equipment
    Just got a new 50 breeder that is going to be my frag tank, has a 30 gallin sum . Chambered. Im having a hard time keeping the sump level stable. The drains and return are just drilled in the back top, no over fliw box. There is 2 drains that tie into 1, basically one acts like a ofer...
  8. Lighting, Filtration and Other Equipment
    Has anybody used one. Do you like It? Where can I purchase one? I have a 135 gal glass reef tank. I have tried everything to eliminate the manjos and apt. This seems like good tool
1-8 of 54 Results