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    Following my massive tank crash from my tub leak dripping through the ceiling and into my tank I have decided to fold up shop. I have the following well cared for equipment for sale: Great Lakes Aquariums 50 gal rimless tank with black silicon and beveled edges. Comes with stand and 700 GPH...
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    I have 3 small midnights for sale (about 2" size), one is brown/Black, grey/Black, and almost black. All 3 will eventually turn midnight. $35 each. If you want all three = $90. They get along well & have been together since hatched. Pick up in Rochester, best contact me by texting 248-515-1958...
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    Very nice and healthy Magnificent Fox Face for sale approximately 5 inch $100 Getting out of hobby for a while so all coral and livestock must be sold before I can start parting out tank and equipment Please look for my other posts in days to come Txt is best 517-648-2378 Thanks Jeff SOLD
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    Getting out of the hobby for a while I will be posting more items soon Blasto;s $30-90 most came from cherry coral originally Prices for each are on pictures PRICE DROP take $10 off each Txt is best if you***8217;re interested 517-648-2378 Thanks Jeff
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    Downgrading tank to 3' cube, no longer need these. 30-40% for around 7 hours a day, in great condition. Wanted to give you local guys a shot at it first before i go to reef2reef/ebay. Would also be interested in a trade for an XR15 G4 Pro new or a used one with RMS system or cash. Can text...
  6. Selling Forums
    Up for sale are 2 ampmaster external pumps. Both pumps have brand new wet ends as well as seals. This is the type 3 seal, which is the best seal in the industry. At 1.3 amp this pump sips power. If you want a top of the line pump at at a huge discount this is it. I'm going to a bigger pump on my...
  7. Selling Forums
    I have a really nice RBTA for sale. Pardon the Cell Phone picture. This is a classic rich color RBTA with Red, blue/green base, under actinics (obviously primary is red). Rainbow BTA.jpg Photo by chrisahrns | Photobucket medium large ~5" $110 Headed to Ann Arbor swap this Sunday.
  8. Selling Forums
    I have a c3002 Korallin calcium reactor that is to large for my 50 gallon tank. Korallin C3002 Specifications Rated for up to 800gal. Reactor height: approx. 28.00";(with pump on top) Diameter: 4.50"; Ground: 6.30"; Filling amount: 6 kgs (13.2lbs); Eheim 1048 Pump. Reactor, pump, regulator...
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    2 Bio pellet reactors for sale they were used for a short time and they are clean: Reef Dynamics 135 this reactor can be used in or outside your sump 19" tall $150.00 Bio Matrix reactor, it is the middle size 17" tall $100 I could attend the swap tomorrow. I will have to email pics.
  10. Selling Forums
    In the middle of a tank transfer and have replaced my pumps with MP40s. The nanostream 6040 and the MP10 were purchased June of 2017 and used for about 4 months. Would like to sell the MP10 for $170 and the nanostream for $100. I'd also be open to doing a trade for LED lights and/or cash. Id...
  11. Vendor Experiences
    Maybe it's just me, but lately the LFS's in my area (Macomb) have had garbage in the way of corals. I don't want to name names, but those of you in the area know the main players in. There is never anything unique at all in these places. I'm seriously considering ordering online from now on. At...
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    I have 2 MP10QD for sale in great shape! Comes with driver mount. $200 each
481-493 of 500 Results