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saltwater aquarium
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    Closed thread thank you
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    Neptune Apex TRIDENT (Alk, Cal, Mag) Monitoring is HERE We have extremely limited inventory and our email subscribers*get first chance to order. These will sell out super fast, so please order online if you want a chance to get one of the first units.* The Trident is an automated testing system...
  3. New to the Hobby
    Needed your guys help. I have been out of saltwater aquarium few years now because of family issue. Now I wanted to start it back up. I do have all the equipment and us to be live rock, it have been put away for a few years so it’s all dry up and clean. The only problems is that I no longer live...
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    2'x2'x2' Cube saltwater Aquarium (good used condition ) Includes: >Aquarium drilled in the back (2'x2'x2') >Refugium sump > Protein skimmer (Reef Octapus) >Live rock ( approx. 90 + lbs.) >2" crushed Coral bed >Stand, Canopy ( not in picture), return pump >1 Power Head >1 heater *No light...
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    I have a few items to sell - will be moving next month and don't want to take any saltwater aquarium gear with me! Milwaukee MA887 Digital Refractometer: $60 50gpd RODI unit with dual TDS meter: $40 30 gallon bowfront with stand: $10 30 gallon tall with stand: $10 48" 4-bulb T5HO fixture...
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    Today we are taking a look at Waveline Wavepuck II. The new Waveline WavePuck is a fully controllable flow pump that moves up to 3000gph and consumes no more than 30 watts of power in the process. The broad flow water movement will encourage coral growth instead of blasting it away with harmful...
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    Today we are taking a look at Aqamai LRM LED lighting for your Saltwater aquarium. We are also going to do an unboxing, setup and review of this LED fixture. Enter to WIN This Beautiful LED Fixture 1. Watch Video 2. Hit Thumbs up on YouTube 3. Subscribe to our YouTube channel (hit the bell for...
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    In this video we take a look at Finnex 16" Marine+II Aquarium LED Fixture. This Nano Reef tank light is very easy on the wallet and is a great value for the saltwater aquarium hobbyist on a budget. This LED light would be a great addition to any nano reef tank or sump. Like, Comment and...
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    In this video we take a look at The Seapora AquaPulse Circulating Pump designed to improve water movement in your reef tank. These powerheads pack a punch and are very easy on the wallet. This powerhead is a great addition to any saltwater aquarium. AquaPulse Powerheads: https://goo.gl/2NVfLn...
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    In this video we take a look at The AquaFX RODI system. This standard RODI unit comes with everything you need to make RODI water for your saltwater aquarium. Like, Comment and Subscribe for a chance to win the AquaFX 4 Stage RODI system.***65279;
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    I have had a saltwater aquarium for a couple years and wnat to try to get into the corals. Water up to snuff and fish been alive for a few months. Has anybody have a couple pretty corals, with accompanying advice, that are easy starters? I am in Lansing area. Bob pm or text at (517)...
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    -245 Gallon, custom build by Great Lakes Aquariums, includes tank, stand, canopy and sump $1,100 -$0.50 a lb of live sand -$2.50 a lb of Liverock, approximately 300 lbs available -4 1/2 ft UV Sterilizer $160 -Reactor $100 -Brand new protein skimmer, rated up to 500 gallons $250 Please...
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    I have a complete 90 Gallon Saltwater Setup. Asking $600 OBO Included are... -T5 Lights -90 gallon tank -Custom Sump -Mag Drive Return Pump -Purple Coraline Healthy Liverock I also have fish and corals available, specifically a Panther Grouper and Barracuda. Feel free to PM or call/text at...
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    For sale I have Apollo LED lights. Only two of the three fixtures work. These are programmable lights. Asking $250 OBO Feel free to PM me or to call/text 313-510-8068 with any questions or inquiries!
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    I have a very healthy 4" sleeper banded goby for sale. Was properly quarantined and comes from disease free tank. $20 Please Text (586)215-6312 Looks just like the fish in this picture in the link below http://www.liveaquaria.com/product/prod_display.cfm?c=15+31+206&pcatid=206
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    55 gallon saltwater aquarium for sale,less than a year old(bought brand new) no leaks of course, no sratches, no razor scrape's on seams, drilled back glass(2 3/4 bulkheads and holes+1 for return) new overflow box with cover, Rio hyper flow 12HF 630 gph at 4 ft, new with receipt (bought past...
  17. Zoanthid
    Sorry for the crappy camera phone photos. Looking for an opinion on this. I purchased it at the swap, looked to me like a darth maul. the guy wasnt sure what it was. Thoughts? sorry again for the crappy photos, my phone doesnt like LEDs apparently:
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    175g Custom Glass Aquarium, refugium, lights, stand For sale. 175g custom built salt water aquarium. Size is 48"x32"x24". Aquarium was built by miracles aquariums in Canada. Includes custom steel powder opted stand, Trigger systems refugium, and lights. Asking $750 OBO. Need to sell by...
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    I am looking to trade or buy a 36x36x24 or 20 tank. It does have to drilled or with a stand. I can trade a wide variety of fish and select inverts and corals. Let know what you have. Also will trade for 48x36x24 non-drilled tank. Happy reefing Foundnemo
  20. Want to Buy
    I'm looking to buy a 180 gallon or larger tank or setup. Please message me if you have something. Thanks
1-20 of 57 Results