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  1. New to the Hobby
    What would you say is the world's most dangerous animal a shark alliance what about a crocodile? you're right but there are some more* world's deadliest animals.* 1.Black mamba: one of the most feared creatures in the world some experts have even called it death incarnate in Africa is the...
  2. Premium Aquatics
    Premium Aquatics is OPEN this weekend 5/18/19, so RACE in to see the great livestock lineup we have in store!* We have a great variety of Angels, Tangs, Gobies, Blennies and Wrasse in this week's shipment along with some more great corals and inverts.* The discount and deals on the shelves in...
  3. Reef Discussion
    Last week my son and I visited the Newport Aquarium in Kentucky. While we were there one of the keepers told us about a large nurse shark with a badly bent tail. When she was a baby, a woman bought her and raised the shark. She quickly outgrew the 2 foot tank she had, so the woman bought a 4...
  4. Premium Aquatics
    Why there aren't any great white sharks in captivity https://www.vox.com/2017/7/26/16033996/white-shark-aquarium New shark species glows in the dark, weighs about 2 pounds and has a huge nose https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2017/07/170725125618.htm
  5. Selling Forums
    This WSB female catshark is a 1 year old 15 inch perfect shark! I have had her since she was in a egg. She has out grown my reef. She eats krill, shrimp , squid , scallops and fish. I'm looking to get 100.00 for her. SOLD
  6. Want to Buy
    Looking for a shark or two for my 380 gallon shallow. Let me know what you've got! Shoot me a PM or text me at 248-three zero three-7028.
  7. Premium Aquatics
    For those of you who haven't read the PA staff bios, I am a marine bio major and I thought I would share this article for all of you shark fans or science nerds like myself :) Two-Headed Sharks Keep Popping Up-No One Knows Why P.S. I am sure some of you are getting curious about our Black...
  8. Selling Forums
    Text for pics (248)935-3551 I am just setting this up as a temporary tank while I move my DT to a new house. Will be available in 2-4 weeks Was cut down from a 700g in wall tank. Now 55" x 64" x 21" high. Would make a great "top/ down" tank, shark tank, etc. 1" thick acrylic sides with 1/2"...
  9. Selling Forums
    Have 3 sharks, must go! 1 epaulette f 2 whitespot 1-m 1-f 300$ must take all please Located northeast of Flint Serious inquiries only More info see 600shark tank build they are around 20in long(size of baseball, little shorted than your arm) epaulette has laid eggs. (is in a 180tank because...
  10. Selling Forums
    AquaMaxx HOB-1 Hang-On-Back Protein Skimmer $175.00 Or Best Offer. ($230 NEW) Possible trade for co2 tank & regulator. Delivery available within 1 ½ hours of Battle Creek. Skimmer is in perfect working order, I just don't have time for a saltwater aquarium any more. Protein skimmer was...
  11. Selling Forums
    Free to good home if you can show me you have a large enough tank
  12. Selling Forums
    I ordered this custom from a LFS for my 180. I ended up using a different stand. It is a really nice red oak and well built. I paid $450 but will sell it for $200. I replaced the bottom plywood with a thicker stronger wood as I wasn't crazy about the plywood it came with. PM with questions
  13. Selling Forums
    Tons of FW fish need gone ASAP + Commercial Units Huge group of freshwater fish for sale. Would like gone ASAP. Unable to ship. About 50 African cichlids (mixed victorians, peacocks, haps, mbuna, and Tanganyikans), 8 blood parrots, 2 electric blue jack Dempsey, 3 brazilian geophagus, 2...
  14. Lighting, Filtration and Other Equipment
    Im not sure whats the best bang for my buck out there these days for 1" glass. I need a magnet that will do the job well, but wont murder my wallet. Any recommendations?
  15. Selling Forums
    This is the in-sump version of the popular HOB-1 hang on the back skimmer. Bought in April 2015. Used for 4 months. All cleaned up. Paid $160. Asking $110 or best offer. Rated for up to 65 gallons. L 5.9" x W 3.2" x H 14" - without collection cup Collection Cup Height 5.5" Pump (Included)...
  16. Selling Forums
    I don't have the ability to weigh this all out but this made a wonderful wall in my 10 foot 600 gallon shark tank. As you can see for size comparison most photos were taken next to a 12" x 24" drafting square and a yard stick. I also took photos of the larger pieces with my men's size 11 foot in...
  17. Selling Forums
    300 gallon acrylic tank i am selling my 300 gallon acrylic tank it has two overflows its dimensions are 8 ft. long 2 ft. wide and 30 inches tall. it is 1/2 inch thick acrylic and the back piece is black it will come with lids and 2x6 stand it also has live sand in it that i will include if...
  18. Want to Buy
    Looking for one or two epaulette sharks. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. Selling Forums
    I am posting for a friend he has a marbled coral cat shark for sale its a male around 15 inches and very good eater and great shape $90 o.b.o you can e-mail him at [email protected] :neo:
  20. The Lounge
    We just returned from Palm Beach Florida. During low tide we saw many of these things attached to the rock. Slimy gel coat, about 3" in length. Any ideas of what they are? They kind of look like shark eggs???
1-20 of 365 Results