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  1. Reef Discussion
    What are some of the best shops around the metro Detroit area to buy fish and corals? I’ve seen Petco have some great deals on fish. Do you trust them? Or go with small shops?
  2. Members Tanks
    Hello, Hello and welcome to my crazy newbie underwater circus. I'm new to the hobby and got thrown into the deep end (literally) to sink or swim. Here's an overview of how I got here: Tank came with the house I purchased about 2.5 years ago, fully stocked. I've tried to make some upgrades...
  3. Reef Discussion
    Last week my son and I visited the Newport Aquarium in Kentucky. While we were there one of the keepers told us about a large nurse shark with a badly bent tail. When she was a baby, a woman bought her and raised the shark. She quickly outgrew the 2 foot tank she had, so the woman bought a 4...
  4. Fish Only & Aggressive Tanks
    Okay so the people that have sharks and stingrays what is the average temperature and salinity do you keep your tanks at for them
  5. Want to Buy
    Looking for a shark or two for my 380 gallon shallow. Let me know what you've got! Shoot me a PM or text me at 248-three zero three-7028.
1-5 of 500 Results