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  1. Selling Forums
    Selling used Tunze 3155 ATO in good working condition . $100 . Can provide shipping quote by ZIP code
  2. Selling Forums
    (SOLD) Ecotech Radion XR30w Pro (Gen 3) with diffuser All items are sold
  3. Vendor Experiences
    Just want to say I don't recommend WWC (world wide corals). Other than the very high prices, for marginal product (at least what I received) they were supposed to include a promotional item with my order that they never included. When I called about it, they said it would be shipped 2 day...
  4. Selling Forums
    Unopened. Expires 12/21. Ordered 2 by mistake and don't want to hassle with returns. My loss is your gain. $25.00 Local Pickup or Buyer pays shipping
  5. Selling Forums
    Selling 2 brand new never taken out of their boxes cobalt c-ray 200 white color led lamps. Selling both for $1000 . You would pay for shipping if desired. Beautiful led lights for full reef tanks or planted tanks.
  6. Selling Forums
    New in box. Kessil AP700 Light Fixture. Never even opened, still has the seal stickers. Going a different direction. Great light, can control with the Phone/tablet App. And great light coverage even on 48" tanks. The Black Friday deal from retailers was $550. I am asking $500 FIRM. Located in...
  7. Selling Forums
    black widow, corals, frags, hi, i have a bunch of corals i fragged for the swaps, but all swaps have been cancelled this summer. shot me a text and i'll send you pictures, frags are anywhere from $5 and up, thanks - located in wyoming, mi 616-729-9001 black widow - $150 bizarro cyphastrea -...
  8. Selling Forums
    Have 1 Ecotech Reef Link for sale. Nothing wrong with it, but I don't have any ecotech products any longer. $70 includes shipping if necessary. I'm in Plymouth. call/text me at 81zero-8seven5-0001
  9. Selling Forums
    Selling in excellent condition a Neptune Apex Lite aquarium controller. Is currently being used on freshwater to monitor temperature and PH. The temp and PH probes are new only used for about 2 months in freshwater aquarium. Currently connected with Apple express for internet to my router and if...
  10. Selling Forums
    Aptasia Killer!! Majano Wand- NIB I've got a full-sized Majano Wand for sale. It's in the original box. I bought it from Marine Depot 4 or 5y ago and used it once. Works exactly as advertised. $60 firm. 810-288-7678 to arrange a pickup.
  11. Want to Buy
    I'm looking for a Marineland Eclipse 3 hood. Not the 3-gallon but the hood that fits the 20 and 29-gallon tanks. I don't care about the biowheel or lighting as I want to retrofit anyway. I am located in Holland, MI but willing to pay shipping.
  12. Selling Forums
    The pump itself is basically brand new. It***8217;s an L2 but the driver and power cords are from an L1. The driver is a couple years old. Ecotech swapped out my L1 pump with a brand new L2 pump. I just put it in my tank to test it and took it right out. It will come with the L1 veloutte and the...
  13. Selling Forums
    Beautiful coral, grows like crazy. $40
  14. Selling Forums
    Selling in excellent shape verly used Aqua Illumination Prime HD LED lights with flex mounting arms . $175 ea picked or can ship if you pay shipping which should be about $10 ea for shipping . If you buy both I can do $325 or $350 shipped for both. They are black color.
  15. Trading Forums
    I have a older style SWC 300 skimmer (skimmer cup and body has crazing, sticky cosmetic). Comes with 2 sicce psk 2500 pumps. Impellers should be replaced (they work just need to be bummed a few times). I have never personally used this skimmer, I had plans on modding it with a DC pump, but got a...
1-15 of 500 Results