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    Ok so I need to clear out a bunch of this livestock.. Candy cane $2 a head or whole colony 30+ heads for $50 neon green trumpet $4 head or $30 for whole thing..13+ heads *SOLD* Green stripe candy cane $3 a head or $32 for whole thing 13+ heads Green frogspawn $4 head~SOLD~ Green hammer $4...
  2. Selling Forums
    Title says it all.. We have a 69 gallon breeder that has been set up and thriving for about 5 years plus now.. We are in the process of tearing down and all the remaining live stock needs to find a new home ASAP!!! Have a load of really Nice LR.. $2.oo per lb GSP... $15 (large peice of LR...
  3. Hitchhikers and "ID Please"
    I dont know if its possible yet, but this small piece was on our live rock we bought. It was from an already established tank and it had some other stuff on it, but this one we aren't too sure what it is, if anything. Unknown | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
  4. Group Ordering Forum
    Anyone interested in anything from Reefs2go?Reefs2go.com Saltwater Aquarium | Saltwater Fish | Cleanup Crews| Saltwater Corals | Saltwater Invertebrates | Saltwater Aquarium Supplies | Saltwater Food I have a $100 order together but looking to get it to $150 for free Fed Ex overnight. Post or...
  5. Coral Propagation and Aquaculture
    so i figured i would frag out some mushrooms last tuesday. everything went smoothly. i first tried to glue them on to rocks but they kept falling off. so i put them in a tupperware container with a layer of gravel at the bottom. last night, 5 days later, they are still not attached. any...
  6. Photography
    shot with canon t3, extension tube and 50 mm 1.8
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    I have a few of each coral to trade. green/red acan orangey red/white acan seagreen acan A few purple mushrooms to trade for shrooms also.