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    1. Bashsea 6/30 Skimmer with Sicce Syncra Silent Pump $250.00 2. Bashsea PM3 Reactor with RIO LHF pump $130.00 3. Bashsea Carbon Reactor with RIO 800 pump $65.00 4. Coralife Turbo-twist UV Sterilizer 36W $100.00 5 Emperor Aquatics 2040 UV Sterilizer 40W needs bulb $200.00 7. Bulk Reef...
  2. Selling Forums
    Everything must go -- Setup is 1.5yrs. Selling all equipment and live stock. I prefer to sell the entire setup in one fell swoop for $1000 but if not piece meal prices are below. Keep in mind, if I have to sell the tank in pieces all the live stock must go first before I will sell...
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    Sicce Syncra 1.0 Pumps *** PRICE DROP I have 2 lightly used and cleaned Sicce Syncra 1.0 pumps 251 GPH for sale. Asking $25 OBO each.
  4. Trading Forums
    I have a older style SWC 300 skimmer (skimmer cup and body has crazing, sticky cosmetic). Comes with 2 sicce psk 2500 pumps. Impellers should be replaced (they work just need to be bummed a few times). I have never personally used this skimmer, I had plans on modding it with a DC pump, but got a...
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    2 sailfin tangs 40 each. Medium 4 large blue/green chromis 20 200 lbs live rocks. Establish for 12 years 2 dollar a pound. 30.2 water box aio with brand new stand 400 A80 Kessil with gooseneck excellent shape 85 each. (Have 3 left) A160we Kessil tuna blue with gooseneck. Brand new opened box...
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    Sicce XStream SDC WIFI Controllable Wave Pump used for a few weeks, has temperature reading, WIFI enabled. $150 OBO/Trade for corals 7 3 4 3 4 7 I I 4 I is the fastest way to get a response
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    f interested in the whole setup, I can help take down and bucket etc. Not willing to sell any individual pieces until the livestock is sold.
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    ALL SOLD. Thank you Michigan reefers family. I still have the black AI Prime HD (and 12 inch flex arm if interested) and will be posting it on the other forums as well. Please reach out if interested in LED. Thanks
1-8 of 143 Results