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  1. Vendor Experiences
    I'm not going to go into all the detail of how he does it, but will say all the fish I've gotten from Watercolors Aquarium Gallery are still alive and healthy, and were from the day I got them. I know how frustrating it is seeing that one fish you want, then right next to him is a fish full of...
  2. Selling Forums
    Sold Picasso Clown I have an amazing picasso clown for sale its about an inch and 1/2 long. I would say it is a Grade B+ almost A its very nice u have to see it.Did host a RBTA in my smaller tank for pics or more info txt/call me at (586)843-9334. Trying to get 70 but Im trying to move it so...
  3. Fish Disease Treatment
    Just wondering if anyone has experienced this. My new flame angel (1 wk old) has taken to hovering at the top of the water the last two days. All water tests come back normal, all the other fish are fine, none of the tank mates are bothering him, and he looks and eats great. He just hangs at...
  4. New to the Hobby
    I always QT fish at least 4-6 weeks before adding to DT. I typically don't medicate unless I see a need to do so. Now I'm seeing a need to do so every single time. I keep having outbreaks of one thing after another that kill off everything I have and it looks like I've started down that...
  5. Vendor Experiences
    Hey guys, Stay away from Reef Solutions. They are the worse retailer ever with horrible customer service. My buddy bought a fish there and paid over and above the asking price purposely as a tip for the store with one request to hold a fish till after they returned from a short business trip...
  6. Reef Fish
    So I have a female Madarin finally and after a couple weeks find a small open sore on her chin. What is the best treatment for that? I have heard of people using maracyn and maracyn2. No updates on their results though. How do you use it with a mixed salt tank? Corals, fish, shrimp, snails.....etc.
1-6 of 7 Results