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  1. Selling Forums
    breaking down a 150g due to a leak and decided that this fish has gotten to big for my tank . i would like to not put him in the new tank . he needs lots of room , my guess is atleast 200g.he is a very healthy and well fed fish and i have never had to rid him of any sickness or disease.i will be...
  2. Fish Disease Treatment
    Welp, my (dads) new kole tang is eating, swimming, playing...but is showing bad signs of sickness. Here's some pictures.
  3. Lighting, Filtration and Other Equipment
    I'm wondering if most folks are running a UV on their system and if all the jabber about them reducing illness, parasites, algae growth hold any truth? I've got a 120 and am thinking about adding a unit. Any suggestions?
  4. Reef Fish
    About a month ago my Foxface died. I never found out what the reason was. No cloudy eyes, spots, or parasites hanging on. He would hang at the bottom of the tank and not eat for like a week and a half. Now I've been noticing my chromis acting the exact same way!! I have no clue what the problem...
  5. Fish Disease Treatment
    My foxface was eating well yesterday, swimming all around, good color. Today it was lying under a rock, upright, but breathing fast, would not eat, and had turned very dark color. He has been in the tank for 3 weeks. Anyway to save him??
  6. Members Tanks
    Ok, This is my last build thread unless things start looking forward from here on out. Lost almost all of my fish in the last move, including my prized porcupine fish PJ. I'm left with a panther grouper, and a damsel out of the 10 fish i had. Right now, the two survivors are living in my 8g bio...
  7. Fish Disease Treatment
    I have a six line wrasse... woke up this morning, and it has somewhat like pink blotches... not familiar with this. He seems active as always, and I have not discounted predation, but all I have in the tank is cleaners, sally light foot, emerald green, and rest of CUC (crabs/snails/sand star)...
1-7 of 7 Results